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Urgent help needed (rss feed broken)

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I am in need of some quick help from anyone who might be able to assist. I've just discovered that our RSS feed is 8 days behind for some reason and I can't seem to get in touch with Ryan (he appears to be gone for a week). If anyone can assist, please drop me an email to mike@cmscritic.com (happy to pay for your time). 

Experience PW users only please.

Thank you.


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Which Module do you use? MarkupRSS ?

I don't know if this helps, but at least it's try-able :-)

I updated Ryans MarkupRSS module as there was an issue with date & I added the ability to use enclosures.

MarkupRSS is not yet updated in the core, but you can get the updated version with the link below. 

MarkupRSSEnhanced.module ( be aware that this one has a slightly different name  )

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Thank you very much, that's exactly what the issue was. Everything is back to normal now. Where the heck is the "tip" button? ;)

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I needed to update this module as I needed the enhanced functionality.

( putting images, audio etc in the RSS )

my tip: Love ProcessWire :-)

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