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Hello I made a simple app for reading the main RSS for ProcessWire news.

Now you can access ProcessWire Blog, ProcessWire weekly and the Latest Forum Posts in a Single App

in your iOS or Android smartphone. Open Source of Course.

Made using the technology.

You can compile your own app if you want.

For A Quick Look

1.- Download the Jason App


2.- Use the Following Url




Source Here



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    • By clsource
      In this tutorial I show how to use the wirePopulateStringTags function in order to improve translatable strings.
      Basically it will improve how the strings are shown in the translation administration.
      echo wirePopulateStringTags( __('There are {count} {items} in the {place}'), ['items' => 'apples', 'count' => 32, 'place' => 'basket'] ); Will render 
      There are 32 apples in the basket
      And the Translator will see 
      There are {count} {items} in the {place}  
    • By clsource
      Hello I opensourced my Telegram bot
      called "Voxgram"
      Now you all have an example of working with the Rest Helper and
      the Python Telegram Framework (I think the my python code is a mess)
      but anyway here you go :).
    • By clsource
      I created a simple telegram bot. What it does? it enables you to save your voice messages and send them later using emojis or keywords in your group chats. Just add @voxgrambot in your group chats and search all the public voice messages available using text or emojis.
      If you want to create a new voice message just send a private message to the bot with the command /new . If you want more info send the command /help.
      The bot was made using Python and
      The backend was made using ProcessWire 3.x and my Rest API helper.


    • By clsource
      This is a very simple module that helps you asserting if the server has all the requirements for running ProcessWire.
      Helpful if you are developing in local and then have to upload to a production server.
    • By Pravin
      Hey  I'm pretty new to Processwire..
      I need to have responsive images and using the Markup Srcset so could anyone brush up on how to use it and about Breakpoints and Image sets JSON array thing..