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Hello I made a simple app for reading the main RSS for ProcessWire news.

Now you can access ProcessWire Blog, ProcessWire weekly and the Latest Forum Posts in a Single App

in your iOS or Android smartphone. Open Source of Course.

Made using the technology.

You can compile your own app if you want.

For A Quick Look

1.- Download the Jason App


2.- Use the Following Url




Source Here



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great idea..thinking about playing with jasonette too but lend my phone to a friend for some days^^

tried you rss reader..home screen is loading but none of the feeds is...loading icon circles infinite?

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very nice, thanks for bringing my attention to jasonette!

i created this shorturl to save me from typing:

unfortunately the all links do not work for me. neither with the original url. only link working is the external link to your website...

any ideas? (android)

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I recently bought an Android and iOS developer licenses so I can create a stand alone version of the app.
That maybe will solve most problems :)

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      Now that Google is closing down the paid service Google Site Search, and only the free ad version of their search will be available within a year, I have started looking around.
      It seems that DuckDuckGo has an API that delivers data as JSON. Has anyone used this with ProcessWire and have some code and guidance to offer? Such as listing the results, open for pagination and any other tricks?
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      In this tutorial I show how to use the wirePopulateStringTags function in order to improve translatable strings.
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