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Concept : Flat Admin Theme


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That's looking good. Did you do that by only changing css ?

Hi pwired. No, it's just an image for the moment.

Very nice! I would only replace the 4 stripes symbol for pages with children with an arrow, maybe, to make it clearer that it is expandable.

You're right, i'll do that :)

First one is brilliant. I really like how simple and clean it makes things look. Great job!

Thank you !

Here are 2 new propositions from first and third versions, for the page template.

And I changed the look of the sidebar on the third one.

The goal is to make it very simple and user-friendly.



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I find #2 kind of pale, much better contrast in #1.. and I also dislike those huge button-style links, way too "mobile" for my taste.

How would navigation bar of #2 work for subpages, i.e. how would templates, fields etc. fit there? Or would they not? (If not, that's yet another big plus for #1 IMHO :))

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Nice work mvdesign! Very attractive look and lots of good thinking here. 

We* are actually working on a second core admin theme option that is quite similar in many ways to the look you've posted here (the overall layout of major elements is very much the same with regard to masthead and sidebar). Once released, I'm imagining it will also serve as a very good starting point for taking your design here to a full admin theme. 

*I say "We" because I assume I'll be working on it here soon too, but so far all the work has been done by someone else. :) 

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Thanks Ryan,

If you have some requests or ideas to improve the layout/design I've done, I'll take it !

And thanks you for this great CMS, just starting to use it but this is my fav.

To all :

Here is a new version, with new color scheme and new box style (main content).

Do you prefer this color scheme, or the 2 colors version (top bar / sidebar) ?


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Nice work too Nikola  :) There are some good ideas.

That said, when i look my theme and yours, i think mine is too simple, and yours could be more simple.

I think it would be great to find a compromise.

By the way, I see that you made the Ergo theme ! My favorite theme at the moment, great work ;)

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I doubt it would be that long before we move to TinyMCE 4 which has far more modern styling.

I do like the looks of menu's on the right. But horizontal space is costly.

When I work on my 13" macbook I don't have a lot of horizontal space. 

That is where a hidden left menu is useful so that you can just bring it in on smaller resolution screens, or even just on everything but the largest, perhaps.

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@mvdesign - grey colors in your last preview don't quite fit in my humble opinion (don't get me wrong), it's to grayish all around, I liked the contrast versions much better.

@Manfred62 - I've always skinned TinyMCE in my themes, most probably would do the same with this one (but I must admit that skinning old TinyMCE is a pain...), for that reason I've never liked JqueryUI also - I like more semantic markup ;)

As for my theme - I plan to make sidebar collapsible entirely in the final stage so there would be room for smaller screens also :)

I've started to adopt the theme for mobile view but put that on hold in favor of making the true PW 2.4 theme (because I do little or none updates with my mobile), but that's next on the road :)

I've also made quick selectable templates in the sidebar with pagination like this:


I find it useful, what do you guys think? Is it quite an overload for the theme or ...?


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You're right Nikola (about the grey), but for now, that's just some quick ideas, i'm not satisfied with what I've done.

I think you're sidebar is nice and useful, but what do you think about my last version, which allow a direct access to pages (in the sidebar) ? In my opinion, pages should be quickly available all the time.

Or maybe we should mix ideas : pages, templates, and fields to be available in the sidebar (with collapsible menu) would great to.

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The problem with direct acces to pages in the sidebar is - if you hide the sidebar to gain extra space, they're gone (hidden) so I've opted out approach with pages (main nav) in the top part of the screen because they stay visible all the time even if the sidebar is collapsed. That way you can hide stuff in the sidebar that's not crucial for normal admin use.

That's the compromise so you'll always have main nav visible that way, I think it would be annoying that every time you have to access main nav you would have to unhide it if you sidebar is collapsed (with cookie set).

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Yeah but, pages/templates/fields could be accessible from sidebar (which should be an important part of the theme) AND header.

Having pages directly accessible would be pratical, for developers, and clients too.

But maybe I'm the one thinking like that :)
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