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  1. I've made a first translation file for german: GitHub All strings are translatable, but line 98 ist not working: 'notes' => sprintf(__("For example Font Awesome checkmark icon e.g. %s\n(You need to include Font Awesome on your own)"), "<i class='fa fa-check'></i>"), with single quotes it works, but without the newline \n. Maybe don't use the \n? Or delete part of string "(You need to include Font Awesome on your own)", because Font Awesome is already included in PW. same problem with line 217: 'notes' => __("Default true\nIt has been suggested that this setting can effectively help to reduce identity theft through XSS attacks"),
  2. in MarkupCookieConsent.config.php line 54, 55 'dark' => __('dark (Default)'), 'light' => __('light') line 66, 67 'top' => __('top'), 'bottom' => __('bottom (Default)')
  3. Hi Can works nice and translation in default language works also (except 2 strings). Additional you can make line 54, 55, 66, 67 translateable. Line 98 and 217 is not working. When using single quotes, it works but without the newline \n
  4. No problems here in 3.0.8. Have you installed the files into the default language or made a second language? In default you only have to reload the page. If you are using another language, then you have to set it in the user profile.
  5. bad weather, lot of time... here you find the german lang pack for PW devns https://github.com/Manfred62/pw-lang-de-devns
  6. Is your nl lang-pack installed correctly? Do you see translated strings in the backend? Try to reload your backend.
  7. sidebar: hmm, font-size 12px in the sidebar ul is not very user-friendy. Hard to pick with the cursor. Depending on the changing background-images the color contrast is low (#2ba6cb). images: In the screenshot above the small images are round. At the site the images are square. Getting round with hover. Intentional? Around width smaller 1230px there's no more background image, only dark-grey color. Tested with Win 7, Firefox 42
  8. I'm nearly ready with the german translation for PW 2.7. I found 3 files where we didn't translated the date format until now. Normally the format for german is used as d.m.Y instead of Y-m-d. In this old thread it sounds like the format has to be in Y-m-d? Could someone clarify this? InputfieldSelector.module Y-m-d date format yyyy-mm-dd date format placeholder (what users see) ================== InputfieldPageTable.module Y-m-d H:i Date format for created/modified/published ================== LanguageSupport.module Y-m-d H:i:s Sortable date format used in the admin
  9. maybe this is the same issue? https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/1291
  10. changed to "Neueste zuerst" and "Älteste zuerst"
  11. I can confirm this. But it's no problem of language files? Opened a new issue at GitHub. https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/1415 EDIT: now fixed by Ryan
  12. thanks for the hint. There are 2 new files to translate in 2.6.17. Translation updates are now available (https://github.com/Manfred62/pw-lang-de-dev). The "Edit" must first be added in the wire/templates-admin/default.php to get translated. In my translation file it's already included. See GitHub: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/1397
  13. maybe you overlooked the name of the fields (eg PostTitle vs BlogTitle)? Code with some html: <?php foreach($page->BlogPosts as $c) { echo "<h3>{$c->PostTitle}</h3>"; echo "<p>{$c->PostContent}</p>"; } ?>
  14. German language files for PW dev are now on new/other repo: https://github.com/Manfred62/pw-lang-de-dev. Only updated or additional files in this repo. Install the german language pack for PW master. Then add/replace with the dev files.
  15. Hi Chris, no solution here. But maybe a simple alternative: Lightwire Skin. That's a module, ready to use.
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