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  1. I tried changing my PHP version from 5.6.10 to 5.3.29 and BAM! solved it ..
  2. I'm new to php and processwire could you provide an example on how to do this Macrura ? Thank you
  3. Hello how do you add php into an unordered list like below ? <?php // Render the Category List categoriesList(); ?> <?php into <ul class="oi_smalldev_categories_list"> <li class="cat-item cat-item-7"> <a href="category/coding/index.html" title="This extended category features articles on client-side and server-side programming languages, tools, frameworks and libraries, as well as back-end issues. Experts and professionals reveal their coding tips, tricks and ideas.">Coding</a> </ul> Thank you.
  4. Thanks justb3a, It works. I tried adding 3 more input fields into the form (Address, Telephone Number & Identification) and then created 3 new fields in the admin section but where can I define the input id ( e.g : Inputfield_Alamat ) for those 3 new form fields ? Here are things that I've done so far .. simple_contact_form.php <div class="form-group"> <label class="col-md-3 control-label" for='Inputfield_Alamat'>Alamat<i class='toggle-icon fa fa-angle-down' data-to='fa-angle-down fa-angle-right'></i></label> <div class="col-md-9"> <in
  5. <section class="krown-latest-portfolio clearfix alt col-4"> <div class="portfolio-items clearfix"> <?php foreach($page->PortfolioRepeater1 as $c)?> <?php { ?> <div class="portfolio-item alt advertising website-design"> <a href=""> <img src=" <?php echo "{$c->Portfolio1->url}"; ?>" width="218" height="164" alt="1000 Jobs" /> <div class="alt-hover"> <div> <div class="caption">
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Please have a look at my contact page : http://pesisirbrand.com/contact/ After filling up the contact form and press submit button the browser return the Home page but data never got submitted to inbox here : http://pesisirbrand.com/scf-messages/ Admin > Setup > Logs > simplecontactform-log returned : [FAILURE] Honeypot field was filled.
  7. I have managed to call the contact form by adding echo <?php echo $modules->get('SimpleContactForm')->render(); ?> but there are 2 more issues : 1) How do you replace unordered list bullets which appear near the form label ? 2) When I submitted the form my browser got redirected to the Home page and found out the simple_contact_form.php don't have any value in action="./" . How to fix this ? Thank you
  8. Hello, I just need to setup a simple contact form so, I installed SimpleContactForm. Then I went to Admin >> ModulesSimple >> Contact Form and followed the instruction. After I included below code into my contact.php and refresh the page, nothing came out @ blank page. <?php $modules->get('SimpleContactForm')->render(); ?> If I have the budget I could buy myself the FormBuilder but sadly not so much at the moment. Please tell me, is there any way to fix this issue or if there's something I overlooked ? Thank you.
  9. <div class="krown-text-icon style-four"> <a href="social-media/index.html" target="_self"> <i class="krown-icon-bubble" style="color:#e64d36"></i> <h3>Some text</h3> </a> <div class="content"> <p>Some text.</p> </div> </div> The <i></i> tag got stripped away when I copy and paste them into text area field with CKEditor. I'm using this to display icons. Can anybody tell me how to allow the <i></i> tags in my fields ? Thank you.
  10. Yes, I want each user to be able to edit their personal pages. I can see the access-roles and permissions only provide option for assigning pages by user category, can I assign pages by user id ? for example : Username : Alex Pages belongs to Alex : - About my company - My products Username : Bob Pages belongs to Bob : - About my company - My products Thanks
  11. I would like create a small b2b like website which have 2 pages (about user's company & products) for each users. Can somebody show me how to do this ?
  12. Yes, I may have overlooked the field naming but it is the same repeater child fields which I would like to call and both codes looks similar. I'm going to try it and see whether it work correctly or not.
  13. Yes, I want to know how to call the repeater from within the template. Forget previous question. Let say I have a template called /blog and a repeater called Blogposts which have 3 fields nested under it (PostTitle, PostContent, PosImages), how do I call it ? This codes did not work correctly : <?php foreach($page->BlogPosts as $c) { ?> <?php echo $c->BlogTitle; ?> <?php echo $c->BlogContent; ?>
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