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  1. @Nurguly Ashyrov Hi, is there a way to add images/files to a page with the updatePage method ? If not, do you plan to implement it or do I have to do this another way ? Thanks again
  2. @Nurguly Ashyrov Perfect Thanks a lot !
  3. @Nurguly Ashyrov Thanks for the video ! i'm using your module with Vue.js for a web application, really nice. I'm juste facing a problem right now, i get an error when trying to get checkboxes : Not valid resolved type for field \"checkbox_name\" (the field access is allowed in graphql settings). Any idea ?
  4. Hi, and thanks for this great module Can you provide an example on how to create/update a page from GraphQL API ? Tried it without success... Thank you !
  5. Hi Nico, First, thanks for this great module, nice job. Just one thing about Open Graph metas : shouldn't it use <meta property> instead of <meta name> ?
  6. Thanks guys. @teppo : thanks for the explaination, now i understand. @Pete : what i mean is use variable in external php file, which require to use the $wire global variable (width ajax or not).
  7. @teppo : i forgot to try that... and it works Thanks ! @marcus : yes only one value, so the first() parameter should be useless, no ? In a template file, it works without the first() param.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to get a file url, using ajax with the page ID : $file = wire('pages')->get($id)->file->url; But it outputs the file url without the filename : /site/assets/files/xxxx/ instead of /site/assets/files/1017/filename.ext No problem from a template file... Any solution ? Thanks !
  9. Wow was too tired, just forgot to save() ...
  10. Hello, I'm trying to update pages using ajax, but it's not working (new page works) : $p = $pages->get->($id); $p->field = 'text'; No problem to get pages values using ajax, but can't update it Any advice ? Thank you !
  11. Yeah but, pages/templates/fields could be accessible from sidebar (which should be an important part of the theme) AND header. Having pages directly accessible would be pratical, for developers, and clients too. But maybe I'm the one thinking like that
  12. You're right Nikola (about the grey), but for now, that's just some quick ideas, i'm not satisfied with what I've done. I think you're sidebar is nice and useful, but what do you think about my last version, which allow a direct access to pages (in the sidebar) ? In my opinion, pages should be quickly available all the time. Or maybe we should mix ideas : pages, templates, and fields to be available in the sidebar (with collapsible menu) would great to.
  13. Nice work too Nikola There are some good ideas. That said, when i look my theme and yours, i think mine is too simple, and yours could be more simple. I think it would be great to find a compromise. By the way, I see that you made the Ergo theme ! My favorite theme at the moment, great work
  14. Thanks Ryan, If you have some requests or ideas to improve the layout/design I've done, I'll take it ! And thanks you for this great CMS, just starting to use it but this is my fav. To all : Here is a new version, with new color scheme and new box style (main content). Do you prefer this color scheme, or the 2 colors version (top bar / sidebar) ?
  15. I agree about the contrast. And i think i have to agree with teppo about the navbar. Here is a small update (i reduced the navbar width, like kongondo said, it was too large).
  16. Hi pwired. No, it's just an image for the moment. You're right, i'll do that Thank you ! Here are 2 new propositions from first and third versions, for the page template. And I changed the look of the sidebar on the third one. The goal is to make it very simple and user-friendly.
  17. Hello everyone, This is just a little admin theme redesign. Just made "pages" at the moment, but let me know if you want me to continue, and which version you prefer
  18. Hi Wanze, Thank you it's perfect ! And so simple again
  19. Hi everyone, I'm working on a project where users can upload images, using a jquery uploader (no $_FILES input in the form) : - User select images - Images are uploaded in a specific folder After that, how can i attach the images to a page ? I took a look to wireupload() but it seems to need a $_FILES input. Thanks for you help
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