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  1. This is a new version of Yahoo! Weather module for ProcessWire, old version of the module can be found at this link. The module has been rewritten, new options have been added alongside with caching from the API (Yahoo! API allows 20.000 calls per hour when using free version, so it comes in handy if your site has a lot of page hits). I've also updated icons in the package (you can easily swap them with yours in module icons folder). You can grab the module from the Modules page or directly from Github link. Update 1.0.1 Yahoo changed their forecast API URL (http://xml.weather.yahoo.com/ instead http://weather. yahooapis.com/), tiny update in Github repo. How to use You can call the module in two different ways: This is a basic call that renders the module, use this if you want only one instance of the module shown with WOEID set in the module settings. <?php echo $modules->get('MarkupYahooWeather')->render(); ?> If you want to show multiple instances of the module, call it this way: <?php $weather = $modules->get('MarkupYahooWeather'); $weather->woeid = 12587912; // Decatur, USA echo $weather->render(); $weather->woeid = 44418; // London, United Kingdom echo $weather->render(); ?> Options This module has the following options: Yahoo! Weather WOEID WOEID (Where On Earth ID) is an unique identifier for each city, you can easily find WOEID by using this site: http://woeid.rosselliot.co.nz. Default = Zagreb Set Locale Sets PHP locale, needed for localized date display. Default = en_US.UTF-8 Set Encoding Converts international date names to right format. Default = ISO-8859-1 Date Format Sets desired date output, formatted with PHP strftime function. Default = %A, %d.%m.%Y. Cache Time Cache time in minutes, caches .xml file(s) retrieved from Yahoo! API and pulls the data locally. Default = 5 minutes Display temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? Show weather conditions in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale (temperature: C/F; wind speed: km/h, mph; sunrise and sunset: 24h, am/pm). Show 5 day forecast below current weather forecast? Shows extended 5 day forecast, if unchecked, only current weather will be shown. Default = Checked Show wind direction and speed? Shows wind direction and speed. Default = Checked Show sunrise and sunset time? Shows sunrise and sunset time. Default = Checked Autoload script and stylesheet? Renders script and stylesheet during page render, if you prefer to include them manually, turn this option off. Default = Checked Load script in the bottom of the page? If "Autoload script and stylesheet" option is checked, you can select where script should be rendered automatically, before the end of head or body tag. Default = Unchecked Delete Weather Cache Deletes locally stored and cached .xml file(s) from Yahoo! API for all instances of the module.
  2. Thanks, mr-fan, I had a look on your pull request and it looks fine. I'll merge it these days I'm planning to update a module a little bit these days, I have to change the icons to newer ones (maybe weather icon font...)
  3. Glad you like it mr-fan! I've merged your pull request into the module.
  4. nikola

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from Zagreb! One quick picture from the main square, check out other if you're interested
  5. @Mike - I plan to update the theme really soon, I've also started using PW 2.5+ so you shouldn't wait too long
  6. Hey horst, thanks for catching that up! I'll fix it... It's hard sometimes to spot every bug when you change something in the css (because you have to check it throughout the system...). Now I'm going to prepare for today's football match against Mexico (I hope we'll go to the second round )
  7. Fixed: Repeaters are excluded from unpublished pages that render in modal window. Changes commited.
  8. Oops, I've overlooked the status of repeater fields, I'm going to fix it as soon as possible...
  9. New updates to the theme - I've added a counter next to username that counts unpublished pages and shows them in modal window. Check out the first post for changelog.
  10. The problem with theme switching indeed exists on latest dev versions, I'm also using PW for production in Windows environment and in 2.4.0 switching is working fine. I'll check every suggestion and posted question when I get home from holiday (tommorow) because I don't have my working computer with me...
  11. @Manfred62 You have to uninstall Default Admin Theme from Core modules section before/after installing Modesta Admin Theme and it should work fine. I'll update the readme with instructions. New theme updates coming after this weekend
  12. @Wayne I've fixed those CSS issues (and some other I've spotted along ).
  13. @horst I've left the panel switch action as it is (you can click on the switch button or the document body to close it), but I've removed trigger from "Back to top" button - it doesn't close the panel when sliding up to the top of the page. @mr-fan Template selection drop down ("Add new" on the right side) is default action in PW 2.4 and up, it lets you assign templates to that drop down for quicker access - so no need to put it in the sidebar panel (anyway it's quicker to select template from drop down then opening sidebar panel and then selecting the desired template). @diogo There's no easy way for displaying formatted date (for all possible locale scenarios) so I've added warning if iconv extension is not loaded and it uses basic strftime without any conversion in that case, but most servers have iconv loaded so it's just for a few of scenarios where this extension is not loaded. ---- I've also made changes to the theme that reflect changes in PW 2.4.4, but I'm currently setting up the dev branch where I'll commit that version.
  14. diogo, I've used only iconv for date formatting because of inconsistencies in showing the right diacritics (for instance Croatian) on Windows and Linux platforms. I have already thought about that problem and I'll try to solve it in another way rather than adding a warning about missing extension.
  15. Thanks Ryan! You've made it possible by switching themes to modules I'm currently adopting new features found in the dev repo of PW 2.4.4. in the theme and squashing out bugs...
  16. I've made new icon for panel switch (changes to hamburger icon in mobile view - panel contains user info and navigation instead recent and modified pages). Changes commited to Github.
  17. @adrian - Yes, you're right, I also use it for my mobile sites I'll try some other approach... @renobird - Thanks
  18. Glad you like it 1. Sidebar closes if you click anywhere on the page (including the Back to top button), I can change that in the way that only "hamburger" icon has close function assigned to it. 2. I always liked the "hamburger" icon but sure will try some other options - maybe they would look nicer... 3. I've developed this under 2.4 stable, so I'll install latest dev version so I could add those things 4. I'll fix Lister as soon as I install latest dev version... 5. Not sure about the blog, I'll check it out and if it's problem on my side I'll fix it I plan to support this theme for all upcoming releases of PW.
  19. After months of silence on the forum I've decided to speak out and introduce a brand new admin theme for ProcessWire 2.4.x I've made the theme initially for our internal business project and I've decided to share it with you all The theme itself is designed only for ProcessWire 2.4.x and up because it's wrapped as a module (new theming design approach introduced in ProcessWire 2.4) and it also has it's own options you can configure. It has all the bells and whistles as Default Admin Theme of PW 2.4 as well as some of my own You can download it from here: https://github.com/nvidoni/AdminThemeModesta and please let me know of any mistakes you find during your workflow... Changelog: v1.0.1 Added unpublished pages status icon next to username (fires modal window with unpublished pages list that you can edit) Improved PageList (children are more indented with arrows before them, hidden pages have more lighter color and icons have more darker color - by suggestion from Martijn Geerts) Other CSS improvements UPDATE: You can find version compatible with Processwire 2.4.4 and up on dev branch: https://github.com/nvidoni/AdminThemeModesta/tree/dev and also let me know about any mistakes that should be fixed. Dev version isn't updated to v1.0.1 yet because of strange problem with theme not switching right (doesn't activate) - it started to happen from 2.4.5 dev version of PW...) and it seems it happens only in Windows environments...), hopefully we'll fix this soon. To sum it up and let the images do the talking, here we go:
  20. The problem with direct acces to pages in the sidebar is - if you hide the sidebar to gain extra space, they're gone (hidden) so I've opted out approach with pages (main nav) in the top part of the screen because they stay visible all the time even if the sidebar is collapsed. That way you can hide stuff in the sidebar that's not crucial for normal admin use. That's the compromise so you'll always have main nav visible that way, I think it would be annoying that every time you have to access main nav you would have to unhide it if you sidebar is collapsed (with cookie set).
  21. @mvdesign - grey colors in your last preview don't quite fit in my humble opinion (don't get me wrong), it's to grayish all around, I liked the contrast versions much better. @Manfred62 - I've always skinned TinyMCE in my themes, most probably would do the same with this one (but I must admit that skinning old TinyMCE is a pain...), for that reason I've never liked JqueryUI also - I like more semantic markup As for my theme - I plan to make sidebar collapsible entirely in the final stage so there would be room for smaller screens also I've started to adopt the theme for mobile view but put that on hold in favor of making the true PW 2.4 theme (because I do little or none updates with my mobile), but that's next on the road I've also made quick selectable templates in the sidebar with pagination like this: I find it useful, what do you guys think? Is it quite an overload for the theme or ...? Thanks
  22. Nice work mvdesign, I like the concept here. It's similar to something I'm working on at the moment (I'm switching it to PW 2.4 admin concept so I've delayed its release until it's done).
  23. Hi totoff, I plan to update this theme in the near future for current and upcoming PW releases, I'm working on the new theme which is almost done, I'm tweaking the responsive part of the theme. I've been quite busy last couple of months and haven't had time to work on any of my themes and I was generally quiet around PW forum in general, my apologies for that (to everybody)... I don't think that I'm planning to support older themes besides Ergo and my new theme that's near release date of pure reason updating JqueryUI and other things is very time consuming. It's better to have 2 themes fully supported then 5 themes partly supported in the end. I'm willing to help anybody that will continue to use my older themes with any kind of advice regarding functionality.
  24. This theme is rather old and I'm not planning to update it any further, but stay tuned, surprise is coming really soon For those of you using the theme, you can download latest version of jQuery Cookie from here.
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