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  1. Hmm, strange, it's working for me in Opera and Safari also. I'll check it more thoroughly.
  2. It's very nice & clean, I like it. If you'll have time it would be a cool theme.
  3. nikola


    If you guys need me I can jump in with the front end dev support too.
  4. Hi totoff, I've checked and it's working fine in Chrome & Firefox. Did you try to flush the cache after installing the theme?
  5. Ryan, all good here, I've tried your example URL's. Maybe I could write a small guide about installing PW on IIS...
  6. I've posted a while ago web.config file (rewritten .htaccess) for IIS: http://processwire.c...-iis-webserver/ I think that every decent hosting provider has URL Rewrite Module installed... I'm using IIS on my localhost due to fact that some of my clients use Window Server environments and other use Linux server environments... so it's a win-win situation. This extension also speeds things up a bit while using PHP on IIS: http://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/wincache-extension
  7. nikola

    That Ryan Bloke.

    Congrats Ryan, you've been always helpful. Enjoy that beer
  8. Nico, it's working on Firefox and in Chrome via cookie plugin. What browser do you use?
  9. Ryan, thanks for the example, my code looks similar but I think this will solve the problem. Still I have to try it out, just have to finish some other things I'm working on. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks
  10. Tested it and it's working fine! Nice module to speed up development
  11. Thanks Ryan! I added it to the modules directory and I'm awaiting approval. Does it take long to get the confirmation e-mail because I haven't received it yet... Feel free to tweet it We are here to help each other
  12. I've also tried this code from WillC (modified it for my needs): $pages->addHookAfter('Page::path', null, 'hookPagePath'); function hookPagePath(HookEvent $e) { $page = $e->object; if($page->template == 'article') $e->return = "/blog/$page->name/"; } bu still get the same results. I'm checking URL segments within home template.
  13. I've made proposed changes. See the first post.
  14. @diogo I've seen the thread, but that defines default option for built in themes in TinyMCE, this is an extra theme so I think it's better this way. @Soma Yes, that seems to be the problem, my screen is a bit darker so I'll try to apply come darker shade to labels. As for screen resolution, I can lower the initial width so It will play fine on smaller screens I'm gonna put cookie to subnav's so they stay visible. I'll correct inputfields, because I've developed this on lower version of PW...
  15. Few days ago I've posted sneak preview of new admin template (it didn't have name then), so I've managed to squeeze some time to finish it and here it is... Ergo Admin Template DOWNLOAD https://github.com/nvidoni/ergo USAGE 1. Create folder named "templates-admin" under /site/ folder 2. Copy all files (including folders) into newly created folder 3. ProcessWire will load the new admin template automatically EXTRA If you would like to use custom TinyMCE theme created for this template, follow this steps: 1. Download TinyMCE Ergo theme from https://github.com/n...ni/ergo-tinymce 2. Copy "ergo" folder to /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.4.7/themes/advanced/skins/ folder 3. Open /site/templates-admin/default.php and change in line 86 "default" to "ergo" If you find any errors please post them here so I can commit them accordingly. EDIT 1. Changes have been made according to diogo's and Soma's posts.
  16. Thanks Soma, routing did the trick, now it works from subfolder too,
  17. Yes I have, it's in processwire subdir under the root. That might be the problem? Edit: That was the problem, I've moved it into the root and it solved the problem
  18. I also found a bug when I check "Disable sub-folder for default language". Everything works fine and "default" (english) is hidden in the url, but I can't get no longer to admin, it throws 404 page not found. I need to uncheck this option through phpmyadmin and I can use admin again...
  19. Neither can I on a fresh install of PW... it was some glitch apparently. EDIT: It happens if you add field language_published to home template. And if you delete it from home template, the error persists.
  20. When editing homepage I get the following error (it doesn't happen when editing other pages): Unknown Selector operator: '' -- was your selector value properly escaped?
  21. Ryan, I use the code in this way, with URL segments turned on in the home template: function articleURL(Page $article) { return '/' . $article->category->first()->name . '/' . $article->subcategory->first()->name . '/' . $article->name . '/'; } $category1 = $pages->get("/categories/category1/"); $subcategory1 = $pages->get("/categories/subcategory1/"); $subcategory2 = $pages->get("/categories/subcategory2/"); $articles = $pages->find("template=article, category=$category1, subcategory=$subcategory1|$cubcategory2, sort=-date"); foreach($articles as $article) { echo "<a href='" . articleURL($article) . "'>{$article->title}</a>"; } The URL changes to exact URL that I need but doesn't show the article itself. It shows the code from the home template instead.
  22. I've just found this while searching for something else... Maybe it would come handy to someone... http://tinymce.swis.nl/
  23. Hi Ryan, how would I use such a function, for example: $category1 = $pages->get("/categories/category1/"); $subcategory1 = $pages->get("/categories/subcategory1/"); $subcategory2 = $pages->get("/categories/subcategory2/"); and so on for multiple categories... $articles = $pages->find("template=article, category=$category1, subcategory=$subcategory1|$cubcategory2, sort=-date"); foreach($articles as $article) { echo "<a href='{$article->url}'>{$article->title}</a>"; } Where would I execute it?
  24. Nico, sorry I forgot. Would it be possible that you add %parents option to the module? Thanks!
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