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Retrieving Tag Results In Separate Sections


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I didn't exactly just start using ProcessWire. But does anyone know how would I go about retrieving the pages with a certain tag into separate sections based on their parent? Problem lies in the fact that both photos and featurettes (videos) share the same tags, and their thumbnails have a different aspect ratio. Which is pretty much why I'd like to have them separated, if a certain tag has been used on both content types. Parent names are "photos" and "featurettes".

Needless to say, the current code isn't really good nor a beauty to look at. But I've attached it, and I'd appreciate any help.

$thisTag = $page->title;
$tdsphotos = wire("pages")->find("tagsx.title=$thisTag, limit=8, sort=-created");
$pagination = $tdsphotos->renderPager(array(
'nextItemLabel' => "Next",
'previousItemLabel' => "Prev",
'listMarkup' => "<ul class='pagination'>{out}</ul>",
'itemMarkup' => "<li>{out}</li>",
'linkMarkup' => "<a href='{url}'>{out}</a>"
echo "<div class=\"littleboxes\">\n";
foreach($tdsphotos as $tdsphoto){
$otep = $tdsphoto->images->first();
$thumb = $tdsphoto->images->first()->size(210, 210);
$out .="<div class=\"inabox\">";
$out .="\n<a href=\"{$tdsphoto->url}\"><img alt=\"{$otep->description}\" title=\"{$otep->description}\" class=\"img-thumbnail img-responsive\" itemprop=\"thumbnailUrl\" src=\"{$thumb->url()}\" width=\"{$thumb->width}\" height=\"{$thumb->height}\"></a>";
$out .="<h6 itemprop=\"name\"><a href=\"{$tdsphoto->url}\">{$tdsphoto->title}</a></h6>";
$out .="\n</div>\n"; }
echo $out;
echo "</div>\n";
echo $pagination;


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Are they using different templates? In which case you can either add their templates to the search, or divide them up later by saying

if($tdsphoto->template =="name-of-template") {  

and then set out the layout you want for each type.

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There's a little bit of unnecessary code in your original post (and a bit of mixing $page and wire('pages') ) during the first two lines - you could also write it like this if it helps:

$tdsphotos = $pages->find("tagsx.title=$page->title, limit=8, sort=-created");

One thing I would like to mention to everyone is that in double quotes you can to this: $page->title but not $page->somepagefield->somethingelse - as soon as you throw in the second -> (I'm not sure of the technical term!) you need to wrap the whole thing in curly braces like this: {$page->somepagefield->somethingelse} or you'll be troubleshooting it for hours like I did a few months back :D

Alternatively you can concatenate as usual to avoid the curly braces requirement, so:

$tdsphotos = $pages->find("tagsx.title=" . $page->title . ", limit=8, sort=-created");
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Ah, that is why I have used curly brackets everywhere - I had forgotten. I knew there had to be a good reason.

Also, I tend to use single quotes rather than \" - it just makes it more readable. No idea whether it is good practice or not.

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