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  1. @Dragan, I commented some lines out in the ProcessPageListRenderJSON.php which made the pages visible. if(!$this->superuser && $page404 && $page404->parent_id == 1 && !isset($extraPages[$idTrash])) { $pageTrash = $this->wire('pages')->get($idTrash); if($pageTrash->id && $this->getUseTrash() && $pageTrash->listable()) { $extraPages[$pageTrash->id] = $pageTrash; } } Thanks
  2. Thanks @dragan That looks like my issue as well, I will have a look on this in a few days, when I manage to fix it, ill let you know!
  3. Thanks Dragan, I haven't changed anything lately. Ill try if Tracy Debugger will tell me something.
  4. Hi all! At first, i want to wish everybody happy 2020, with a lot of creativity, beautiful projects and lots of fun! I've a website for a client with an admin account (my acc) and a user account (for the client). Everything works fine for me, but when the client tries to login, i've got the following popup / error: Method ProcessPageListRenderJSON::getUseTrash does not exist or is not callable in this context When I press OK, nothing happens, so the admin panel is empty for the client. I've tried to figure it out with some premissions on the users/roles page, but this won't work out either. See attached screenshots from the error messages, the 'admin' side and the 'client' side. Can someone help us out? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanksssss BitPoet, thanks! I had to use the jQuery file indeed, thanks alot!!
  6. Hiya PW's! I'm currently busy with a simple portfolio theme for a girlfriend. She asked me for a lightbox, but it won't work out the way as I wanted it... (ofcourse) I'm using the Lightbox by Lokesh Dhakar https://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/ The structure is: Home - Portfolio -- Item 1 -- Item 2 -- Item 3 The page echoes the 'werk' field on the item page. Which is one single image. I rendered the next string for text in the PW field. <a href='{url}' data-lightbox='image' data-title='{title}'><img src='{url}' alt='{description}' class='masonry-content image' /> <div class='hover-text'>$project->title</div> </a> Here's my code <div class="row portgallery animated fadeInUp margdown100"> <div class="masonry-wrapper"> <div class="masonry"> <?php $projects = $portfolio->children("template=portfolioitem, sort=-created"); foreach ($projects as $project) { if ($project->werk) { echo "<div class='masonry-item animated fadeInUp'>"; echo "$project->werk"; echo "</div>"; } } ?> </div> <!-- /masonry --> </div> <!-- /masonry wrapper --> <script src="https://unpkg.com/imagesloaded@4/imagesloaded.pkgd.js"></script> The images opens in a new windows instead of the lightbox, since I've read the documentation of the Lightbox I can't find where im going wrong. Also the div hover-text ain't echoing out the $project->title Can someone help me out? The goal is to open the images from the home/portfolio page in the lightbox. So that they can navigate trough the images. Here is a link of the project https://tinyurl.com/yxhg9xvs Thanks in advance, Hugo
  7. Ok, very strange. Even when I uploaded it back on my own server I'd got the same problem. For the solution... What I did, I uploaded a fresh install of PW, installed it, and than replaced the database... Works for now... @netcarver @BitPoet
  8. @Netcarver Thanks, I can't find any 40X errors... @BitPoet I will have a look, as far as my knowledge goes, thanks!
  9. @BitPoet Thanks for your reaction, I added a screenshot below with the errors... I somehow assumed it would be there since the dropdowns also didn't work (like on the profilename on the right top corner)
  10. Hi folks, I'm currently busy with a very simple website for a friend. I made it on my own VPS and everything works great. Now moving to a clients server. I had to uncomment the following lines to prevent the 500 error. # Options -Indexes # Options +FollowSymLinks # Options +SymLinksifOwnerMatch In the .htaccess file and everything works fine... atleast I tought. I logged in, everything seems to be fine (see first screenshot) But then I want to Edit the page, and there it seems to be a little buggy... (see second screenshot). I tried to download and upload again, but that didn't work out either. I can't find the solution, can someone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  11. @kongondo Thanks for your response! You've really helped me out with the string on that line, when my project is finished, I will show it over here! And I'm glad I found a bug so I could help a bit with this module!
  12. @wbmnfktr Thanks for your clear response! I will keep those things in mind working down my roadmap. I'm about to reorganize and restructure my workflow, so these tips can help me out, thanks a lot!
  13. @teppo @LostKobrakai Thanks for your responses! Concluding both your responses I assume that working by trust and the terms and conditions is the best (and in my opinion the most likely) way to 'prevent' this of happening. I'm not planning on going that big where I need to work with server validating licenses. Considering my potential customers, this should not be a problem.
  14. Hiya! For example, lets say, I've designed a template and connected this to ProcessWire. I sell it to my client, 1 license for €XXX,-. How can I be sure the template isn't going to be installed 20 times for 20 of his other clients? Is this a case of trusting his on his blue eyes. Or is there like something I can put in the install.php that notificates me each time the installation is complete? I am wondering how you guys manage those things? Thanks in advance, cheers!
  15. Thanks Kongondo for this great offer! I'm currently experimenting with it, I came to the point where I want to change a little bit in the positioning of the blog. Like placing the Date underneath the post instead of above. But I can't find where I can change those settings? Also, the option to show like 200 words and than the text 'view more'. I want to translate this to dutch, but I can neither find this one hehehe. Can u help me out? (Dont know what about this, but when i go to PW admin > blog > settings > I can change whatever I want, but it won't safe. It keeps saying the same text which comes by the installation) I've tested this in Chrome and Safari, same problem. I' on ProcessWire 3.0.132 © 2019
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