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SOLVED Can't see pages trough error


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Hi all!

At first, i want to wish everybody happy 2020, with a lot of creativity, beautiful projects and lots of fun!

I've a website for a client with an admin account (my acc) and a user account (for the client).
Everything works fine for me, but when the client tries to login, i've got the following popup / error:

        Method ProcessPageListRenderJSON::getUseTrash does not exist or is not callable in this context

When I press OK, nothing happens, so the admin panel is empty for the client. 
I've tried to figure it out with some premissions on the users/roles page, but this won't work out either.

See attached screenshots from the error messages, the 'admin' side and the 'client' side.

Can someone help us out?
Thanks in advance!



Schermafbeelding 2020-01-02 om 12.54.22.png

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@Dragan, I commented some lines out in the ProcessPageListRenderJSON.php which made the pages visible.

if(!$this->superuser && $page404 && $page404->parent_id == 1 && !isset($extraPages[$idTrash])) {
	$pageTrash = $this->wire('pages')->get($idTrash);
	if($pageTrash->id && $this->getUseTrash() && $pageTrash->listable()) {
		$extraPages[$pageTrash->id] = $pageTrash;


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