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Automatically zoom in on the current Parent Page when modifying Page Parent (Edit Page) and Selectable pages (Page Reference field)


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Where I am:

  1. Edit Page -> Settings -> Parent -> "+Change".
  2. Edit Field -> Page Reference field -> Input tab -> "Selectable pages (Select the parent of the pages that are selectable)" -> "+Change".
  3. ... and possibly other locations where the Page Tree is used.

Quality of life improvement:
When modifying Parent Pages (Edit Page) or Selectable pages (on a Page Reference field) and I press "+Change" to change the Parent Page, it would be nice if the current Parent Page came into focus without effort.

Current solution:
As an editor, I am required to find the Parent Page / "Page Reference parent page" manually which makes me think ("where did I put that page?"), takes a bit of time ("click, click, click"), and is hard on a larger site with a deep structure.

The unmet goals are:

  • I instantly see the context for the current Parent Page.
  • I can effortlessly select another Parent Page.


  • Large website makes it hard to navigate and get a view of the Page Tree.
  • I don't want to pick an incorrect Parent Page.
  • It's sometimes difficult to see if I choose the right parent.
  • The Parent Page must be in the current "Page Branch" ("/foo/bar/baz/" -> "/foo/quz/baz/").
  • I don't always need to see/browse the full Page Tree.
  • Sometimes a lot of parent pages are unnessarily shown (larger websites with 4-5 levels of pages).


  • When I open the Edit Page / Edit Field page and click "+Change", I want the tree structure to expand (in a modal?) and bring the current Parent Page into focus.
    • It's one of those small things that help create a smooth user experience.
  • Additional thoughts:
    • The displayed Page Tree only shows the current Page Branch; this might optionally be specified on the Template.
    • Hide "unneeded" parent pages in a larger websites with 4-5 levels of pages (how?).

Perhaps you have additional ideas that might improve working with Parent Pages when editing a page or a field?

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