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How to Edit pages for Add text to the existing text in the field


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Hello guys

I have some problem, please solve this guys thank you before

I have one page of user data, the fields like => Title, Email (email), Username (text_field), Hobby (text_field), and Password (password)
And then users can login to my website, users can edit their data too

The problem is, when some user edit his/her data, and add some hobby, the hobby will stored to pages this user, and sometimes the user want to add another hobbies, so in database the data will be like this => basketball (the first input, we say 22 August 2022) "and then when user add another hobbies, in pages is automatically add coma (,) for give different hoobies" (,) swimming (the new hobby, we say 23 August 2022)

So in the pages of Admin PW is,
Title => Full Name of User
Email => User Email
Username => Username for Login
Hobby => basketball (the first input, we say 22 August 2022),swimming (the new hobby, we say 23 August 2022)
Password => User Password

How to make edit data like that? From API (Edit data to add some text to the field of existing text)

It's so difficult to explain what is my problem, i'm sorry if you all guys is hard to understand what the meaning of my explaining?

Thank you before all 

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