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  1. I'm interesting for Laragon? Maybe i'll try Laragon, thanks so much @pwired
  2. Ouh i see, so i can't use Live Server, right? Yes i using XAMPP for Windows Thank you so much @Markus Thomas ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok i'll try for your suggestion, thank you so much @Ivan Gretsky ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok i'll try this suggestion too, thank you so much @gs-df ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm apologize, just that question in my brain ? , "to the point" ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok, your suggestion is like @gs-df, maybe RockFrontend is a recommended for me, so i'll try it, thank you so much @bernhard
  3. Hey guys i want to asking How to use Live Server Extension in VSCode for displaying Processwire templates?
  4. How about Led Zeppelin? The songs made me feel like excited when i write a code Led Zeppelin - Black Dog Led Zeppelin - Kashmir Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin - Rock And Roll Guys, you all must try to listen it on Spotify, Joox or Youtube?
  5. @zoeck Thank you for your reply and your suggestion But i want to delete the php file from PW via API, like delete a file with PHP is UNLINK, is there any other way in PW? Thank you before?
  6. Hello guys, I have some problem, the problem is "How to delete a file of the template?" When i create some template, the first thing i do is create some file ".php" in /site/templates, and then i create a template for displaying file ".php" But how to delete this file ".php" when i delete the template of the file? With unlink or what? Thank You before
  7. Hello guys I have some problem, please solve this guys thank you before I have one page of user data, the fields like => Title, Email (email), Username (text_field), Hobby (text_field), and Password (password) And then users can login to my website, users can edit their data too The problem is, when some user edit his/her data, and add some hobby, the hobby will stored to pages this user, and sometimes the user want to add another hobbies, so in database the data will be like this => basketball (the first input, we say 22 August 2022) "and then when user add another hobbies, in pages is automatically add coma (,) for give different hoobies" (,) swimming (the new hobby, we say 23 August 2022) So in the pages of Admin PW is, Title => Full Name of User Email => User Email Username => Username for Login Hobby => basketball (the first input, we say 22 August 2022),swimming (the new hobby, we say 23 August 2022) Password => User Password How to make edit data like that? From API (Edit data to add some text to the field of existing text) It's so difficult to explain what is my problem, i'm sorry if you all guys is hard to understand what the meaning of my explaining? Thank you before all
  8. This is my code... But, when i create "else {}" and the image in data is empty, placeholder-user.png is not showing, so i re-type "$config->urls->templates.'assets/img/placeholder-user.png" to $avatar on the top variable, and then when the image in data is empty, placeholder-user.png is showing. I don't know whats wrong with my code, but the code is working for me. Micthew
  9. Hei Guys, I want to ask to you all, how to make template in Admin Page and the file (.php) from inside folder like: site/templates/myFolder/my-new-template.php ? Thank you all
  10. Thank you for your reply, i'll do it _________________________________ Thank you Bernhard, i'll try
  11. hi Mr. @Gideon So Thanks for accepting and replying my topic Oohh i see, but why when i install URL (Multi-language) FieldtypeURLLanguage Module, the Module has requires: LanguageSupportFields Module ? Can you explain to me about that? Thank you before Mr. Gideon
  12. Btw, LanguageSupportFields Module can't to download, the error is "ProcessModule: Error reported by web service: That module is not currently tracked by the modules directory", why?
  13. Nice to meet you all My name is Micthew, i'm from Indonesian, i am beginner in ProcessWire CMS ProcessWire CMS is great, i like to use ProcessWire CMS when i build some website. But in this Project, my client want his website have multilanguage feature, but in my country (Indonesian), English language isn't our basic language, we have our own language. So, how can i make multilanguage : Indonesian Language and English Language? 'Cause he said only 2 languages Thank you all, i hope you all can give me some enlightenment I'm apologize for my bad english language?
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