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  1. Thanks Pete, I removed the unnecessary code.
  2. That steered me in proper direction, thanks. I didn't completely separate them yet, but at least the thumbnails are properly sized now.
  3. I didn't exactly just start using ProcessWire. But does anyone know how would I go about retrieving the pages with a certain tag into separate sections based on their parent? Problem lies in the fact that both photos and featurettes (videos) share the same tags, and their thumbnails have a different aspect ratio. Which is pretty much why I'd like to have them separated, if a certain tag has been used on both content types. Parent names are "photos" and "featurettes". Needless to say, the current code isn't really good nor a beauty to look at. But I've attached it, and I'd appreciate any help. $thisTag = $page->title; $tdsphotos = wire("pages")->find("tagsx.title=$thisTag, limit=8, sort=-created"); $pagination = $tdsphotos->renderPager(array( 'nextItemLabel' => "Next", 'previousItemLabel' => "Prev", 'listMarkup' => "<ul class='pagination'>{out}</ul>", 'itemMarkup' => "<li>{out}</li>", 'linkMarkup' => "<a href='{url}'>{out}</a>" )); echo "<div class=\"littleboxes\">\n"; foreach($tdsphotos as $tdsphoto){ $otep = $tdsphoto->images->first(); $thumb = $tdsphoto->images->first()->size(210, 210); $out .="<div class=\"inabox\">"; $out .="\n<a href=\"{$tdsphoto->url}\"><img alt=\"{$otep->description}\" title=\"{$otep->description}\" class=\"img-thumbnail img-responsive\" itemprop=\"thumbnailUrl\" src=\"{$thumb->url()}\" width=\"{$thumb->width}\" height=\"{$thumb->height}\"></a>"; $out .="<h6 itemprop=\"name\"><a href=\"{$tdsphoto->url}\">{$tdsphoto->title}</a></h6>"; $out .="\n</div>\n"; } echo $out; echo "</div>\n"; echo $pagination; Thanks!
  4. Nice catch! Yes, it's intentional. I'm not against rich text editors per se (I use TinyMCE on Legal Statements & Contact) but I just find this approach easier, because I'd have an extra step to add the class for the description text itself on TinyMCE.
  5. That's a very colorful design, I like it. Why the opacity on hover on "More About LuxBite" blocks? I think it looks better without the opacity.
  6. I just voted for ProcessWire! Help get @processwire packaged by Bitnami. You can vote at http://t.co/5Ei6WxE0fs

  7. Oh, right. I didn't begin with customization of the back-end yet. Here are some screenshots: http://faysjoint.com/admin_1.png http://faysjoint.com/admin_2.png http://faysjoint.com/admin_3.png http://faysjoint.com/admin_4.png http://faysjoint.com/admin_5.png
  8. I still don't really understand what is it you meant with it though. Any better now?
  9. What resolution? I checked on http://responsinator.com/?url=faysjoint.com and it seems to work on all smaller resolutions, even 240px. Do you think I should add some padding between the links anyway?
  10. Thanks!My website works on all resolutions thanks to Bootstrap. ??
  11. Hi I recently finished my first ProcessWire website, and it's a gallery of black and white vintage erotica. Here's what I used: Default ProcessWire Installation. Bootstrap, jQuery (for the bootstrap carousel and MediaElement.js), MediaElement.js and Glyphicons (they come with Bootstrap.) Photos are sharing two templates (one is for single photo entries, and the other is for multiple photo entries and it uses Bootstrap's carousel.), Featurettes have their own template and there is only one. I also have a simple tagging system. It didn't really take me a while to figure ProcessWire out, it really was a piece of cake for someone without a lot of PHP knowledge. I had way more trouble getting a hang of WordPress than ProcessWire. It's a great piece of software. Before I forget, http://faysjoint.com Fay
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