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On 23/11/2017 at 1:46 PM, houseofdeadleg said:

After a bit of further work, I'm now getting a parse error – Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' (line 284 of /var/www/xxxxxx/site/modules/MarkupTwitterFeed/MarkupTwitterFeed.module)

The line in question is –

$linkHtml = str_replace(['{href}', '{url}'], [wire('sanitizer')->entities($u['expanded_url']), $u['display_url']], $options['listItemLink']);

@houseofdeadleg So far, no idea of what could be wrong. Can you open an issue in https://github.com/jlj/MarkupTwitterFeed/issues, so we can investigate it further without adding too many message to this topic? :) (Please describe your configuration (version of PW, of php, …) and include a fragment of the template code in your site that shows the problem)

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What's causing all my tweets to get truncated? $tweet[text] is trimmed at a set length and then outputs a link to the rest.

Edit: The reason for this was that you need to request with tweet_mode => extended to get the new character limit from twitter. I was having a few other issues with this seemingly abandoned module and I needed this quickly so I ended up using another twitteroauth script instead and making my own. I assume to edit this into the module you'd add

$params['tweed_mode'] = 'extended';

In MarkupTwitterFeed.module before the request on line 143, but I haven't tried it.

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