How to access a Form Builder field entry?

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Any idea how I would go about doing that? Sorry im still pretty nood at PHP, thanks for the help :)

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15 hours ago, bramwolf said:

I'm trying to sort the foreach results from FormBuilder but I can't seem to sort it by a field, only by created.
How would you go about doing so?

You can get the array of entries and then do a usort():

$entries = $forms->get('reserveren')->entries()->find('');
// sort entries newest to oldest by field 'datum'
usort($entries, function($a, $b) {
    return $b['datum'] - $a['datum'];
// OR, sort entries oldest to newest by field 'datum'
usort($entries, function($a, $b) {
    return $a['datum'] - $b['datum'];
// do what you want with $entries array


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Thanks Robin!

That did the trick perfectly! I'm adding this to my FormBuilder Readme file, and I think stuff like this should be included in it
by standard. Most people say this isn't even possible, now it turns out it is, it would be nice if a hunt for this kind of syntax
wouldn't take 2 hours.

Thanx again :)


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