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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if and how it was possible to export the submissions collected through formbuilder to an excel or a csv file? Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks guys! That really helped me to do what I wanted to achieve. Thanks a lot for the help and for making such good tools. Have a nice weekend!
  3. Hi! just two little more question with this code: 1. How can I get the url of a file? if my field is named "file" for example it just shows "array". And I'm not shure how to select infos from an array (sorry php beginner) 2. How can I get the submission date? In the Entires panel of the formbuilder I see that there is a submission date that is recorded how can I get this information too (still using the same code?)? Thanks a lot
  4. Halo Soma, das isch perfekt! Thanks, the piece of code you show is exactly what I was searching Sorry that it wasn't as clear as it should, but you answered well. Thanks again.
  5. Hi there! I just bought the formbuilder module (which is really great, thanks Ryan!), I was wondering if it was possible to access in any template directly the entries without using the page creation option. In other words is it possible to have something like this: $forms->formtitle->fieldtitle I searched for it but I have to say I'm kind of feeling that there is missing a little technical introduction in the readmefile provied at the download. Thanks for the attention, and again, thanks Ryan for having build this, it's really useful for us and our clients!
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