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PicoWire - A simple site profile using Pico CSS

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Hey there,

for the last couple days I've been playing around with Pico CSS after reading about it in @Jonathan Lahijani's post over here

I'm really liking the framework and thought it would be a great fit for smaller PW Projects, so I've put together a small site profile as a starting point for people who'd like to try it out.

This is by no means a production ready site, so just be aware of that when you install it somewhere 🙂 

@Juergen has generously offered to include native Pico support in his FrontendForms Module and already implemented the core functionality in his latest update, so I included a very basic contact form showcasing the new Pico2 framework option on the contact page.

Also, I've added a few other 3rd-party modules in the download, these are currently

I've never actually released a site profile here so I hope it's ok to ship with these modules preinstalled. If not please drop me a line and I'll change that asap.

Unfortunately I do not have a GitHub account so I'll attach a .zip file for now. Actually not 100% sure about the official procedure here 😁

If you have any suggestions for improvements, or if you encounter any problems during installation, feel free to leave a comment here. Also, people who actually know JS please don't hate me for the implementation of the theme switcher. At least it's working, and it actually doesn't flicker on page load like it does on the official Pico website 😉

All the best from Regensburg and if you're in Germany, happy holiday!



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Updated to v4
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