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I recently needed a module that automatically fills the title field of a page using fields on that page. I couldn't see one that already existed so I made my own. This is mostly based on ProcessSetupPageName by @kixe which I use along with this module. Keep in mind I am very new to ProcessWire so perhaps somebody else can contribute or make a better one :)

Note: The title is automatically hidden when using this module

You can enter any string. To add a fieldname, subfield or property, you surround the fieldname with {}. Dot syntax allowed. Example:

  • Fish: {parent.title} {myfield}



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1 hour ago, Sérgio Jardim said:


Hi @Sérgio Jardim, Does it still work without issues on PW 3.x? I'm not a fan of modules not maintained anymore but this one sounds really interesting. I wish @ryan at least added namespace support and assured us that it will work with future ProcessWire versions as well. IftRunner is not even in the Module Directory.

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Hi @szabesz! Yes, it works! 

I'm running it on PW 3.0.57 right now, in production.  I have two actions: 

1 - "Generate Short URL on adding a page" - On page save, it calls an API on another server (mine too) that runs an installation of https://yourls.org

2 - "Set end date on events, if empty" - the name is self explanatory. :)

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