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Conditionally disable Template Cache in Template Context


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Hey there,

I need to temporarily disable the template cache within template context. Since throwing a Wire404Exception effectively holds up the template cache I think it should be possible somehow. Anyways no luck so far ...

I basically wan't to handle all kinds of errors myself and return a error message as json within the catch blocks of try & catch.
If i just throw the Wire404Exception I'll get html with a json header. (Template is set to return json because otherwise I can't define the header when using template cache)
Just throwing a Wire404Exception all the time is no real solution thought. It's dirty and not every error is a 404.

Thank you for your help in advance :-) 

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21 hours ago, SteveB said:

Based on this maybe try...

$page->template->cache_time = 0; // disable the cache

Thank you SteveB, unfortunately that doesn't work for me.

I've also tryed:

wire()->fuel('session')->set('PageRenderNoCachePage', $page->id);

It will disable the cache, yes. But it will still cache the current request.
I want to be able to prevent caching the current request within template scope. Any future requests may not be influenced.

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