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Unable to edit links in CKeditor getting 403 error


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1. Are you sure you clicked on the Save button and reloaded the page ?

If not processwire won't be able to find the page connected with your new link.

2. Click on the Source button on the right side of the CKEditor toolbar

and have a look if the html code of your edited link is ok and stays after

reloading your page. CKEditor might strip out some html tags.

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Are you linking to a backend page or a http:// page ?

Try to add a default class for the link and see what happens then.

What do you mean by editing the link ? The only way I can edit a link in CKEditor is through the Source button on the right and that never gives me any problem.

Did you check the settings for the field where you are editing the link ?

For example if body is the field where you are trying to edit a link with CKEditor then check all the settings here:

Admin => Setup => Fields => Body => Input => scroll down until you see Format Tags and Extra Allowed Content

check if everything has been setup there correctly.


funny how one does learn on the go :)

If I right click on a link in CKEditor a small window pops up with Paste/Edit Link/Unlink

Doing a left click on Edit Link opens a window where I can edit the link.

Why don't you set debug on and try both ways to edit the link: through the Source button

and through a right click on the link and see what possible error debug is throwing.

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The right click popup is the same as putting your cursor on the linked text and clicking the link icon on the toolbar. Either way I get the 403 in the modal dialog. The link is external to a http://somedoman.com url. I've determined that it's being an external url that breaks things. If it's a link to an local page, editing the link works fine. So basically it's a bug that doesn't allow you to edit external links.

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