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  1. Looking to create a membership based site using LoginRegisterPro. Seems it's missing a key piece which would be charging for a new user sign up and assigning them a new role or roles ideally based on what type of membership they choose. For example: Basic, Silver, Gold etc. How would you add this ability to LRP? Suggestions?
  2. Had to sit on this for awhile as other things have taken priority. Tried it out and it works on preventing me from adding an image over limit. However it does it after it initiates the upload showing a thumbnail and leaves the spinner spinning. Not really what I would want for UX. What would work best would be for it to disable uploading if the limit has already been reached so they don't even try but that may not be possible?
  3. [RESOLVED] Is it possible to change the number of allowed image uploads on the fly from what is set for the field. For example the max is set to 10 but I only want you to be able to upload 3?
  4. This is an interesting hook. I'm looking for a way to limit the number of images a user with a specific role can upload. I'm using FEEL as a front-end editor for a membership/directory type site. I want for example someone with a basic-member role to only be allowed 2 images, silver-member 5 etc.. Is this possible? It would need to not allow them to add additional images but they would be able to still edit/delete an image if they were at their max limit.
  5. I'm trying to access the feel module from within a custom module but it's throwing a 500 error with "Call to a member function feel() on null " in my module . I'm using $this->page->feel() in my module. Have no idea what is wrong with this? Can't figure out how to get a reference to feel inside the module.
  6. I am playing with some front end js content editing and would like to render my body field without the embedded hanna codes being rendered. That is, I want the hanna code to be displayed in the content. Is there a way to temporarily deactivate the hanna code rendering in my template?
  7. I have a site that I want to update from 2.6.1 to the latest 2.8. Do I need to go to 2.7 first then 2.8?
  8. Good thought. Easiest way for now was to just swap out the single class for the multiple classes with jquery on dom loaded. Works fine.
  9. You and I both know the right BS classes to use, clients don't. Ideally it would be really cool to have it usean alias for a group of classes - ex; 'Green Link' for 'btn btn-success btn-sm'. Sometimes there are BS theme tweaks involved too so again the alias approach would be more user friendly for the less informed.
  10. Is it possible in the ProcessPageEditLink to define multiple classes as a group. I've tried to add more the one class to a line but this breaks things. Only single classes on a line seem to work. Using a css framework like Bootstrap it would be good to be able to create a class check box for example for the combined classes: btn btn-success btn-sm.
  11. Sorry, should have clarified the why for this. I host clients on hostgator and back in the spring they changed a mod security rule on the server which causes any url with an http or https in it to throw a 403 forbidden error. So when you go to edit a link you have created it errors and the dialog displays the error. Only way to fix it is to get on support with HG go through a couple of levels and then get them to whitelist the domain for the security rule which is causing it (they don't tell you what it is). This is the url that crashes it: http://northernaire.com/webadmin/page/link/?id=1322&modal=1&href=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vilaswi.com%2Foutdoor-fun%2Fcross-country-skiing-snowshoeing%2F Take out the http on the call and it will load. I was going to look at trying to look at a way to hack something to get it to work on the output end. Just a pain to have to go through the process of whitelisting for a new PW install.
  12. When editing content with ckeditor and I want to add an external link in the content the link dialog is automatically putting http:// at the front of the link no matter what I do. Is there a way to disable this behavior?
  13. @Robin SIt will go to api.php when that was setup as a template for the page /api. I did figure out that PHP files don't work in /site/ and I moved it to /xapi below root. I can access it now and just figured out how to get what I wanted. @LostKobrakaiMoving it outside of /site/ as mentioned above got it working with parameters but still didn't get me the ability to use segments. Was able to get that working by adding a rewrite rule in the PW .htaccess. Don't see any other way to get it to work so that will need to go into any updated .htaccess I use down the road.
  14. I looked at some of the posts on that module and it's not what I'm looking for. I can handle the intercoolerjs side fine. I've done a few small projects with it using mysql & slim as the route handler. I can use a simple template in PW like api.php and call url's like somedomain.com/api/?c=controller&m=method but then intercoolerjs can't take advantage of the dependency system. Basically what I'd like is to just be able to route to the subfolder with PW getting out of the way. I can bootstrap PW at that point and do what I want.
  15. Trying to do some ajax calls to an api named somedomain.com/xapi/index.php using intercoolerjs in my home page. I'm trying to make calls like this in intercoolerjs. somedomain.com/xapi/controller/method. Looked through a bunch of the posts but nothing seems to match what I am trying to do. Is there a change I can make to the htaccess file to get this to work? Anyone have a suggestion on this or is there a better way to handle the api?
  16. Thanks - that looks like what I need.
  17. I have some hanna codes that I would like to trigger the inclusion of css and js files depending on the code that is used. Does PW have a way to do this similar to WordPress wp_enqueue_script or style core functions?
  18. The right click popup is the same as putting your cursor on the linked text and clicking the link icon on the toolbar. Either way I get the 403 in the modal dialog. The link is external to a http://somedoman.com url. I've determined that it's being an external url that breaks things. If it's a link to an local page, editing the link works fine. So basically it's a bug that doesn't allow you to edit external links.
  19. Link is there just fine I just can't edit it as the dialog shows the attached image .
  20. Using ckeditor in a 2.7.2 site and when I try to edit any of my text links I get a 403 error in Insert Link dialog. I can create a new link just fine, just can't edit it once it is created.
  21. Yes that's true. However I may extend the hanna code with a parameter to allow me to load different menu files with it or possibly load a menu based on the current page it is on.
  22. I am trying to create a hanna code [[side-menu]] to display a static menu. If I put the menu html in the hanna file directly it works fine. What I'd want though is to keep the menu html in a external file and just let the hanna code include it. So in my hanna code I put: <?php include('/site/templates/mysidemenu.php'); ?> This does not work - no errors just no output. The menu in mysidemenu.php is just plain html. Not sure what I am missing on this. RESOLVED: I determined that if I write the include like this it will work as expected: include($config->paths->templates.'/mysidemenu.php'); Surprised though that I didn't see a file not found on the first approach.
  23. Yes there is no page context but - it sees that the product_category uses a page selector as that one works as expected. I would think it could also see the custom selector and determine that the field it wants to use as the parent is product_shapetype. Probably a feature they need to add as an enhancement to Lister. If the client has to know what data is in product_shapetype for a given product_category it isn't going to be very user friendly to find products. Have you worked with Lister Pro and if so could a custom finder be created to handle this?
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