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Special styles in CKEditor field


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I may be misunderstanding how CKEdit fields are supposed to be used in processwire, but maybe someone can clear this up.

I have a standard CKEdit field used for typing in body copy for the pages of the website. Doing headings, paragraphs, bold, table, etc is fine. But what if I want something a little different? For example, what if I want to be able to choose whether I wanted a standard bulleted list, or one that uses an image as the bullet points? Or maybe I want to be able to insert a 2 column CSS grid with items in it making it look like a two column bulleted list.

Do I just dip into the CKEdit fields source dialog at that point? Do I use multiple fields almost like a page builder type of approach (rich text block, then a special list block, then another rich text block, etc)?

I'm wondering what you all do. (Not just for bulleted lists, that was just an example)

The image shows three types of bullet points I may want to be able to choose from depending on the situation. 


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@msavard You add custom styles by editing the CK Editor JS file which (from memory) is located at something like /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/mystyles.js.

But you may wish to first check out this thread as there is a new RTE incoming for ProcessWire 🙂


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