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User- oder role-based access-restriction in backend for pages and their children?


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Is it possible to restrict the listing of pages/subpages based on the roles (user or role-access defined in a page?) FOR THE BACKEND?

(The page has no frontend, only a complex json output of the different users' content.)

i have multiple users which should not be able to VIEW or EDIT forign content.

They all (should) have their own "parent"-page with children:

It would be nice if the admin gives a "base-parent" for each user - where he is free to edit and create childs, but not somewhere else.

The template of the parent and the child-Pages is always the same, thats why i dont want to / can't restrict access through the template.

I also cant use the "settings-tab" on the page to give access, because it says:

"Access is inherited from page "/" and defined with template: home"

if i change the home-template-access:

Template 'home' is used by the homepage and thus must manage access

The plugin "page-roles" is not able to inherit the access to children, and its not possible to regulate EDIT/Create, only "view"...

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If the users aren't administrative users, then it would be better to keep them on the front-end where you are in full control of any access control scenario. For instance, you could assign access just through a page reference field attached to the user. However, if they are administrative users, you can't currently restrict their access in the manner you've asked without creating a module to hook into the Page::editable and/or Page::viewable functions. This thread has a little more info about doing that, but let me know if I can expand on it:

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