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Documentation of new features instead of just blog posts?


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I like and read the blog posts at processwire.com because of all the awesome updates and new features described there.

But after some time I'm searching for updates I read and sometimes it's difficult to find the needed blog post again :(

I would prefer continuous documentation updates (api, variables, options, apigen, cheatsheet...) with the new features and the needed PW version. A blog post could point us to the examples / documentation which should have be searchable and maybe tagging system.

At the moment there are great examples randomly distributed inside the blog and notably the PW forums.

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I think you are right about that. But the task would require a team of well informed and highly capable people to help Ryan as it is probably not the task that could be easilly managed by one. One man is just not enough to manage both the developmrnt and the documentation (and the promotion, and the translation...)

Some day the time will come to gather forces, so better get prepared - read the code and learn to write!

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