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$page->next returning NullPage erroneously

Mike Rockett

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I think I may have stumbled into a bug, or perhaps something has changed since 2.5.3.
I have the following function that I refer to in order to obtain the latest journal entry, or the one after that if the latest is currently being viewed:

function journalLatestEntry($showNextIfCurrent = true)
	global $wire;
	$return = array(
		'page' => $wire->pages->findOne('template=journal-entry, sort=-created'),
		'isCurrent' => false
	if ($showNextIfCurrent) {
		if ($wire->page->id == $return['page']->id) {
			$return['page'] = $return['page']->next;
			$return['isCurrent'] = true;
	return $return;

Unfortunately, since upgrading the dev-site to 2.6.0, next is returning NullPage erroneously as there are pages after the one returned. Perhaps something has changed with regards to the way in which findOne() works?

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