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  1. If anyone was wondering, this module seems to work fine with the CroppableImage3 fieldtype.
  2. This may help others. You're going to get labels for this field's output that you probably won't need (no fault of this module). This CSS .InputfieldMarkupCKEditor .InputfieldHeader { display: none; } will hide them visually, while this JavaScript function (function () { var labels = document.querySelectorAll('.InputfieldMarkupCKEditor .InputfieldHeader'); for (var i=0; i < labels.length; i++) { labels[i].setAttribute('aria-hidden', 'true'); } })(); will hide them from screen readers.
  3. Thanks for this module, Robin. Note that the download link on the module page is broken.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not using AOS, but I can understand why you wouldn't want to maintain a separate project. No problem though, it only took me a few minutes to apply both of my desired changes to your existing plugin. For anyone else who's interested, here are the altered lines (91-96) from plugin.js } else if(use_description && $(this).attr('title').length) { text = $(this).text(); } else { text = $(this).attr('title'); } html = '<a href="' + $(this).data('url') + '" target="_blank">' + text + '</a>' Those 60+ users are coming over to PW from ExpressionEngine, so this will be an entirely new process to them anyway. But much easier for me to teach them now.
  5. I had the same concern as cjx2240. Not the most elegant approach, but since I'm not a JavaScript wizard I directly edited the following files and placed a note in my root development directory to tweak these when updating the CMS. wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldCKEditor\ckeditor-4.8.0\plugins\table\dialogs\table.js wire\modules\Inputfield\InputfieldCKEditor\ckeditor-4.8.0\plugins\table\dialogs\table.min.js Tip: Where it says "100%":500:0 change it to "100%":"100%":0 If anyone knows how to achieve this 'non-destructively' from a user's config.js, it would be great to know.
  6. This is great Robin! Is there any way to make the description (if available) the default text for the link rather than the filename? I can handle the alt+ trick, but won't be able to teach that to 60+ users. It would be great if it were an option, same with setting a default target for the generated links (we always have files open in a new tab).
  7. I had the exact same problem as gmclelland with creating a new repeater in PW 3.0.62 for a site that had migrated from 2.x. Unfortunately, temporarily purging all of my existing repeater fields and data from the database so that I could uninstall/reinstall the Repeater fieldtype did not resolve my issue. However, here's what worked for me: Create your repeater field using the normal method and save it to trigger the "You must assign a template to the page..." error. Note the ID number for your new field (mine was 170) Manually create a parent page for the repeater within the page tree (Admin > Repeaters > new) using the Admin template and the URL of for-field-170 (with the 170 being the ID from step 2) and publish it. Note the ID number for your new repeater parent page (mine was 1949) Using phpMyAdmin or equivalent, navigate to your Fields table and find the row for your new field (it's sorted by the same ID, so I looked for 170) and insert "parent_id":1949, (actual ID from step 4) directly after the template referenced in the Data column. When I returned to the admin page for my field after this, the error message was gone, the details tab was present, and I could successfully add fields to my repeater.
  8. No worries Adrian, I'll see if I can circle back to that project and investigate next week.
  9. Just wanted to add another report of non-well formed numeric values occurring with PHP 7 (specifically 7.1.7). Pmichaelis' solution works, but only allowed the caching of a single CSS and JS file for my entire site, while Adrian's (several posts above) works and allows for several of each. That said, AIOM still breaks when a template calls for a file that hasn't been previously generated with either of those solutions and remains so even on a reload when a cached file should be available. To get that original page working, I need to jump to a different page using that template (which renders correctly) and then back to the original page. Edit: ...and by break, I mean it adds a string error message (with some HTML) to the SRC path for each item in your array, so the browser tries to load the CSS or JS file at a URL consisting of multiple error messages followed by the correct path in one epically long string.
  10. I'm having an issue in PW 3.0.62 where the module will only geocode an address when I manually click the checkmark between address and lat/lng off/on when editing the page within the admin. Based on what I've read here, it seems only the client-side geocoder is working? Additional details: I have both Google Maps and Google Places APIs working without issue on the front-end and have added my Maps key to the module's configuration My MapMarker-based field, "map", has a MapMarker: Error geocoding address notification and I can't find any elaboration Neither API has any issues with my address formatting/default address, with an example being 5 Bloor Street, Toronto, ON M4W 3T3 My addresses are mapping properly when I play with the checkbox (status goes from UNKNOWN to OK) I can't trigger the geocoding via the API Any ideas?
  11. Thanks, Robin! I have a slight variant for offline users and am curious as to why an OR operator doesn't seem to work there. // Offline users $offline_users = $pages->find([ 'id!=' => $online_user_ids, 'template' => 'user', 'name!=' => 'guest', // this is fine for my specific use case 'roles=' => 'agent' // returns expected listing // 'roles=' => 'agent|superuser' returns nothing when used ]); I can get around this by assigning the agent role to each superuser (changes nothing really), but I'm not sure that what I was attempting was technically wrong.
  12. I have a nearly identical use scenario where isLoggedin is always returning true, except I'm running PW 3.0.61 and am looking to return two lists. Here's the code: $members = $users->find("roles=superuser||agent"); $active = new PageArray(); $inactive = new PageArray(); foreach ($members as $account){ if ($account->isLoggedin()) { $active->add($account); } else { $inactive->add($account); } } After dozens of searches I found this thread and enabled the Session Handler Database module as suggested, but that had no effect on every user showing up as logged in on my local machine. From what I can tell, that only seems to add a page to the back-end (where I don't need it). Any ideas?
  13. Hi Adrian, I'm having some issues getting the proper output formatting with PW 3.0.61 and the following custom format option: {[phoneAreaCode]-}{[phoneNumber,0,3]-}{[phoneNumber,4,4]} /* Local North America: 111-111-1111 */ The dropdown outputs my example numbers correctly (555-555-5555), both the module and my phone-based field show the correct format chosen, and on the data entry side, I'm getting Area Code and Number fields in the same box which makes sense. However, when I go to output this field on the front end... /* imagine the entered data is 416 7773333 and the desired output is 416-777-3333 */ echo $user->cell_phone; /* returns 7773333 */ echo $user->cell_phone->formattedNumber; /* returns nothing, as does the 'un' variant */ echo $user->cell_phone->area_code.$user->cell_phone->number; /* returns 4167773333 */ I could string manipulate the last into what I need, but that would seem to defeat the purpose of the module. Is this only intended to work with $page based references?
  14. Thanks, Adrian. That got rid of the error message. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of functionality's been lost and with the gaping documentation gaps this isn't going to work for me.
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