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  1. Ah, sorry, I was very succinct. The problem was in the back end when used within repeater matrix and default value was not provided. When I sorted that I think it wasn't giving me the functionality I was after anyway so I ended up just nesting another repeater matrix within the main one. I will try again later and report back with some more detail if I can.
  2. OK found it - /wire/templates-admin/scripts/inputfields.js line 1015 It is already in the core! The way you enable it is by having $config->debug = true; of course it would be nice to have it optionally on when debug is off too as I find it very useful. https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids uses its variation too but to enable just this little thing thats already part of the core AOS is a bit of an overkill to say the least..
  3. Yes super useful module! a timesaver for sure...
  4. I remember having this functionality enabled in some module already. Can't remember which one. I thought it was Tracy but can't find it right now...
  5. I am having compatibility issues with ProFields:RepeaterMatrix Perhaps I'm missing something...
  6. Has anyone tried to use this to connect PW to something like Zapier? I am trying to put aside some time to try it out, should work. nice work @clsource !
  7. what errors are you getting in the JS console? I don't have time to look into it but that was what made it work for me. Probably not initialising the jQuery stuff in the right place...
  8. a little feature request. what do we think? https://github.com/horst-n/WireMailSmtp/issues/7
  9. In my experience Wire Mail SMTP works better too. And here is an observation in general: If you are sending emails via PHP, I would highly recommend using SMTP methods where possible as every single email provider is cracking down on spammers to the point where messages that are not sent using a real MTA (real SMTP server) are having much harder time to comply. There are hundreds of parameters that are tested against and if you email does not conform to the ever growing technical specification (not just the message and envelope itself but also the path with all IPs involved) it simply goes into junk or lately even worse - gets rejected or sent to dev>null What would be wise here from the email module developers side would be to actually build some sort of a queue mechanism where connection timeouts/rejections are caught and the admin can be either notified via a 3rd party messaging or at least logged/saved for a redelivery option later on. For example if issue gets resolved with some IP blacklist situation or whatnot. Cloud based delivery solutions (eg Mandrill etc.) are starting to look more appealing.. my 2c
  10. This is essentially the reason why everyone should be paying a lot of attention to AMP project. It is a huge amount of best practices and issues that AMP solves that makes it interesting. https://medium.com/@cramforce/why-amp-is-fast-7d2ff1f48597
  11. In case someone stumbles upon this here is a solution to a IFRAME embedded PW based site with Internet Explorer as user client. In a true style of the most hated browser ever it will potentially throw you a curb ball when dealing with authentication, form submission etc. It is to do with IE security enforcements and session cookies. So you might want to try this in addition to CSRF and sessionFingerprint settings: in your .php add header('P3P: CP="NOI ADM DEV COM NAV OUR STP"'); or your markup add: <meta http-equiv="P3P" content='CP="NOI ADM DEV PSAi COM NAV OUR OTR STP IND DEM"' /> if you care about the details just Google it. Long story short IE seems to be the only browser that enforces an old, largely defunct standard that never took off. enjoy!
  12. @pwFoo just posted an issue re token verification not functioning seems like the suggested addition to hide the token field before it needs to be visible is after breaking the validation. for now (assuming you are using the latest version) you need to comment line 129 and uncomment 128 (reverting back 1 commit). I should have tested more extensively before suggesting the change take care...
  13. probably makes sense in your case. I still need the user welcome email functionality provided by the EmailNewUser module. e.g. it uses the same template for api and manually created users as well as "resend" functionality which is handy. and only takes 1 short line of code to make it work with the FrontendUser.
  14. Thanks for this @Beluga I had to use $modules->get('EmailNewUser'); in my register.php instead. But it works with the FrontendUser now. Very useful module @adrian!
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