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  1. Ryan, i'm setting up a blog for my wifey and mh she is always a little bit like indiana jones and explores all given functions. So I tried to setup a module to just provide the tree of posts and a button "Add new Post". I struggle a bit with the asmselect now to rebuild the new post page, so is there an easier way to achieve this, other than rebuild the whole "new page" page?
  2. on my todo. Thanks Ryan
  3. v 0.0.1 up on gitHub and pushed to module directory
  4. thanks for your responses @photoman355 : The intention why I choose TinyMCE is pretty simple, the user knows tiny from the backend, so he might feel comfortable to tiny. I didn't faced any problems with integration so far, just finished the jquery thingy to add the needed divs, a's etc... Just tried to keep it on a very simple and basic approach, just click on the $page->body content and change the text on the fly, not more. For further editing you still have to go to the backend. Further editing just feels wrong on the frontend.
  5. What it does: turns the content of $page->body into a clickable area and gives the ability to frontend edit the content via tinyMCE Release: In the next days. (my aim is tomorrow evening) finished with v0.0.1 https://github.com/Luis85/PageInlineEdit/
  6. if $page->title == $child->city ? Or is this to obvious that I misunderstood your question?
  7. installed #meteorjs , grabbed a copy of parties, deployed, runs... wooha nice :)

  8. thanks @MadeMyDay for @meteorjs tip. Excited to try it out

  9. HTML in Notepad, such a pain in my Ass :*(

  10. and le me saw it first well must admit that we share an office
  11. Vettel, Rosberg, Hamilton. Das würde mal nett sein #F1sky

  12. 1200 - SSD gekauft1400 - sowohl Win7 + Ubuntu komplett abgeschossen Not my Day......

  13. Chris on this way you advise php to Output a string which will be $page->Body in HTML and not the referenced data Forget what i Said .... " and ' Shame on me
  14. Change your " in class declaration into ' Edit: Hmpf too Late
  15. @NooseLadder : my advice, just do it You only win, at least you learned something and you gained experience.
  16. I missed the last course and subscribed to their maillist to be informed for the next course. Received today my invitation to enlist on Human Computer Interaction, starting April 1st. So if anyone want to join too, here is the link: http://www.coursera.org/course/hci
  17. okay Nice work Joss, looks a bit like vanilla wordpress installation. Which might be good for users living in this world.
  18. Thank you Macrura73, updated to 1.0.1 fixes: -typo -eliminated some warnings added: - option in modules configuration to enable multi site tracking (only with multisite tracking enabled the ID list will appear) git: - pushed to git https://github.com/Luis85/ProcessPiwikAnalytics
  19. Hey Friends of Webanalytics, I've finished the main work on porting Wanzes GA into a PiwikAnalytics Module. Just uploaded it to the modules directory. It does pretty much the same like GAModule So take a look at the module post: http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1609-processgoogleanalytics/ You could download the module in the directory or directly from my site: http://misterui.de/site/assets/files/1087/piwikanalytics.zip Cheerio
  20. For those of you who like the module Wanze did, but want to use Piwik like me I Started to port his Module into a Piwik driven module today. If Wanze could stop adding features like a boss, I'm probably finished by Friday and upload it to the modules section. The module will do pretty much the same, in first release there is no 'change date range' option, but I will add this feature definitely. Anyone don't know what I'm talking bout? Watch the Screenshot
  21. Sure, i' m fighting at this moment with liquid layouts, driving me nuts... clicks relative to user viewport not funny
  22. update my post to version 0.0.2 with some little changes in tracking method.
  23. another bug: one function relies on the same $_GET as page-save() in admin. If you edit a field with heatmap module activated you get a blank page, but your data are saved. I fixed this bug and will release version 0.0.2 in the next days. Version 0.0.2 does not longer save clicks in files, it now saves clicks in textfield. Which makes heatmap generation a lot faster.
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