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  1. @pwired: thank you, will change this with the next fix. I did this module yesterday evening and wanted to share it,so excuse me for this @ryan: I hope it works ^^ ------- I noticed a bug with the x coords in version 0.0.1. If browser size of tracked user is smaller than yours, the calculation adds bit too much left offset. Will try to fix this issue in the next update. In nearly future I combine this module with a whole tracking suite based on piwik data.
  2. Hey, my very first Processwire module, so please give any feedback possible about the code. Ported from my actual project, maybe its usefull for someone. Main code for tracking based on the clickHeat Project by labsmedia, generated Heatmaps via heatmap.js What it does: Tracking clicks of your visitors Generate a list in admin backend of tracked sites Generate a Visual Heatmap of the tracked clicks. Requirements: processwire 2.3 jQuery 1.9 a folder in /assets/logs/clicks with write permission I don´t have a git repo, I´m sorry. Installation: copy the Folder Heatmap to your site/modules folder. Install the Module: WireDataHeatmap Install the Module: ProcessListHeatmaps Go to your template admin and assign to every template you wish to make trackable the checkbox field track_heatmap Now check this field on every page you wish to be tracked. Known bugs so far: x coordinates about 40px too far in the right. Will fix this issue the next days. Screener and .zip //EDIT 2013/03/16 Roadmap (everybody needs a tiny roadmap ) - change click save from file to database via $page->save() - tidy up the code! -- *almost - segmentation via date range .... learn git? //EDIT 2013/03/17 New Version 0.0.2 Changed saving clicks to files into $page->fieldtype->textarea worked on heatmap calculus... still not working properly, bit too much offset left. trying to fix this problem :-/ update instructions: uninstall old module delete old module files copy folder heatmap to your modules folder and install both new modules. Now add field "track_heatmap" to every template you wish to provide tracking function. Now just check the field on every page you need to be tracked. The module adds his data container to every tracked page after the first registered click. //EDIT 2013/03/18 New Version 0.0.3 little improvement to visualized data. Heatmaps not yet accurate on fluid layouts, some clicks need some browser resizing to match the correct position Updated the attached .zip Heatmap.zip
  3. Muss es wirklich schneien? Hallo Frühling wo bleibst du?

  4. "SimCity wurde abgedatet" ahja EA eindeutschen FTW

  5. Nu geht's wieder los... Den ganzen Tag Häschen und bunte Eier angucken und Saisonale AdWords Kampagnen auf Landing Pages abstimmen.... :(

  6. Luis

    ProcessWire on the web

    Well I think most people think page == what you see instead of page == container
  7. Schade @myparfum_de war nett euch als Konkurrenz zu haben

  8. I received my beta Invitation to http://t.co/66IlGZziLNNow I have 3 invitations to give away.

  9. Ah ok, I assume that Mark isn´t a good singer and le me is more a bathroom rockstar. I have to find this connection
  10. Luis


    My invitation arrived yesterday and like Diogo I also have three invitations left. If anybody wants one, just PM me EDIT: uuhh my 200. post
  11. http://t.co/K1X3tmNIxi

    a small case study of my recently released office intranet app. Fully developed with #processwire

  12. Welcome aboard Christian. Just drop Nico a line to get mentioned in the German developers list. Enjoy your ride with processwire. I'm sure you will.
  13. Meh 1st Like Great Joss, thank you
  14. Because i'm a lazy boy well and i'm not such a good actor like Ryan
  15. If that little app impresses you so much, I can´t imagine what my next project will do with you
  16. I´m sorry, no english version The problem is that too many things are related to the german law.
  17. I handle purchases this way: I created a custom admin page which shows actual purchases. After purchase the system sends 2 emails. One to the customer with payment information and one to me to inform me about purchase, so far so usual. Besides email notification the script creates a new page with customer credentials and a checkbox if paid or not. The custom admin page lists those purchases and provides a button to set the purchase to paid. When I set the purchase as paid the script generates a new page for the customer which contains the actual file and sends a mail to the customer with the link to this site inside. After two weeks the generated customer page will be deleted. Thats it.
  18. Table of contents Introducing the App and author Needs First version in PHP/MySQL without any Framework Why Processwire? App Version 1.0 Introducing the App and author Hi, my name is Luis and i´m a German based Web and Frontend Developer. I started 2010 with my own Internetbusiness and noticed at the very beginning of my business that it takes to much time to handle my accounting, invoices and clients. The main problem was that I needed for almost every task his own software solution, so the usual workflow in creating an invoice was something like open the CRM Software because the invoice software was good in creating invoices but bad in managing and searching clients, copy and paste the client into invoicing, create the invoice and handle it over to the accounting software. Not good at all... So I decided to create my own solution to fit my needs in the office management. Needs Invoicemanagement and creation Clientmanagement, very basic CRM Accounting Multi-User Simple financial stats about the Keyfacts of my business possibility to export the data for my tax consultant PHP / MySQL to work with it on intranet After pointing out my personal needs and writing down my usual workflow I started to develop the first version. First version in PHP/MySQL without any Framework In winter 2011/2012 I completed the very first version of my OMS (office management suite). The whole project was written in good old fashioned PHP from scratch. I´ve used this version till November 2012. Why Processwire? In mid 2012 I discovered Processwire and had no idea in how many ways this tool would change my life as webworker. After playing around with PW and developing the first little sites I had a little talk with my tax consultant, she said that my financial reports are pretty good and help to save money. (less time, smaller invoice from her) Why not publish the tool? Well, at this point my app was solely written for my needs, without possibilities for an Multi-User environment or for use in an companies Intranet. I finally decided to port the app to PW because of it´s flexibility, scalability and built-in user-roles. I had to dig deeper into PW at this point to see if I really could. Late 2012 I started porting the app in PW and was surprised how insanely fast developing could be. The whole database structure was ported into PW Pages, no SQL query is done by the app itself. It was possible to recreate the core functionality in about 2 weeks, implementing the Login and Multi-User functionality took another week. WebApp Version 1.0 https://youtu.be/PIgUMLZEcIU The app is now available for purchase @ www.misterui.de * also Processwire with an own eCommerce Script
  19. which analytics tracks your site? maybe you look which visit matches the time of your exception mail and dig into the visitor actions funnel.
  20. Pete you kidding me? I thought my audiance will be the beginner in developing
  21. It depends, have a look at Ryans Blog Profile. If think he is handling the comments data outside of Pages. But in almost every case you could store data in Pages and tread them like a smooth Database Application.
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