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  1. Antti please, PW is a terrific tool for Apps
  2. processwire.de is unfortunatly occupied by a german media agency. Few weeks ago I thought the same, info page with small blog for german users, but link to this community. I think german forums would not be the best decision, as Pete mentioned before, my fear would be a fragmentation and a loss of sharing.
  3. Oh obviously u misunderstood my like Will be there
  4. Meat and eat? No veggies allowed in Switzerland?
  5. Working like a boss, or too many monitors for small office http://t.co/iLTcBer1

  6. Creating a Blog with PW is just as easy as creating a new page template. Just take a look into the profile download section, Ryan added a Blog Profile there. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/blog-profile/ And of course you could assign a unique template for each blogpost. Maybe you create dependencies on Categories, depends on the Category where the post will be published you set the given template which could be choose by the Author.
  7. Maybe you wanna take a look at sort and limit too. Whith your snippet You show all your items. To sort and limit try somerhing like this children("sort=created,limit=5"
  8. Thinking about a SaaS made with #processwire Generate Landing Pages for your Adwords campaign. User registration almost done.

  9. try this in your $options array: 'outer_tpl' => '<ul id="nav" class="drop">||</ul>',
  10. Ah I see, you are just outputting the nav list without any classes to the ul and li elements. Please take a look at the options section here: https://github.com/somatonic/MarkupSimpleNavigation/wiki/MarkupSimpleNavigation-Documentation Your echo $treeMenu->render(); has to be something like this: $options = array( 'parent_class' => 'parent', // string (default 'parent') overwrite class name for current parent levels 'current_class' => 'current', // string (default 'current') overwrite current class 'has_children_class' => 'has_children' // string (default 'has_children') overwrite class name for entries with children ) echo $treeMenu->render($options);
  11. Hmm, looks like I have to update my playground.
  12. Hey Soma, I get an error when I wanna switch admin theme:
  13. Hey sry for waiting so long, I was a bit in trouble the last days. Just for understanding. The given code is your included head.inc ? The Code is all working, no bugs in it. But, the css for your #menubar won´t work? I´ve tried your head.inc in my test environment and everythin works fine. So my question is, do you put your css into the tut_layout.css ? Or where is this css snippet?
  14. Please show me the Content of the -head- section
  15. Take a Look in the Head section. Are you referring proper to the CSS? Please provide us some Code from your head
  16. Yeah im Krankenhaus.... Leistenbruch ftw

  17. Hi Felix, welcome to the COM. It would not be an problem to integrate in Page editing, but I think this shouldnt be placed to the core. With some little php template scripting its very Easy to implement the plugin and edit Pages via the API.
  18. Test //works deleted cookies @soma +1
  19. I'm Sorry Pete, not working, JS alerts me a empty textarea when i Hit submit.
  20. Thanks mate, I grab a cool beer now, set my office tool up and look how it works in productive mode. So the good one is a nice test of the new Script. @netcarver: thanks for this, will try it Out.
  21. Well 30minutes ago I thought I could have some nice German Beer this weekend
  22. Wouldn´t be a fail with backup hu?
  23. TinyMCE not working on my Opera Browser. Version : 12.12 Build : 1707 OS: Windows 8
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