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  1. Thanks for that!! I´ve downloaded and installed. I checked all pictures from above again in the default admin theme AND all "problems" are be the same! only the design is other... i checked it with the german repro from 2 days ago and with the last one today - but every time the same. OK so for me (wenn you say you have all relevant words/ sentence translated) this could be the only answer. But why couldn´t we do that? Is this a bug or a feature from ryan ??
  2. @ ryan respectively Soma, and now the 1 billion question for stupid beginners: And where (file/ line) must i/ we input this code?? Thanks a lot!!
  3. @ ryan i think this is in this special case not the point because all the translation are correct in these files... (see the attachment, in the side they are correct but not in the submenu). => the answer for this problem is the answer from Soma 7 minutes before
  4. @ soma i´m not 100% sure what about you talking but did that have something to do with your Template and this "translation"-bug?? How can i fix this??
  5. @ yellowled, MadeMyDay and all others... First, sorry i won´t affect someone or something! I think PW is a great CMS which i was always search. So the only thing i made those posts was i want to bring PW in Germany forward! (That also none english speaking Persons can use PW! but ok this is a other hope from me - because i´m not very good in english...). Second, ALL following "missing" translations COULD be a problem of MY Installation!! or of a possible problem of the Teflon Theme (sorry soma i hope not!!). so ok here we go... EDIT: sorry i want put the pics separate here in the text but this doesn´t work :/ so you could find it in the attachment I hope the missing thing/ word/ sentence is clear? One more - to the modules-side - i´m not sure from who the translations come so but it would be cool when the description would be also translated... ... ok now you can rend me
  6. @MadeMyDay - that looks really cool!! Any updates on this? (We have Friday afternoon 2 o´clock )
  7. Yes that´s it! That´s what i mean... Thanks
  8. I´m not sure but this question comes definitly 1000 times, is there any information about this on the Admin-Site (at each installation)?? I know that from other CMS or PHP-Projects like phpbb, ... something like a "startpage" with usefull information for the Admin?
  9. You lucky bast... I will test it tomorrow! Edit: Yes - THANKS - it works!! I can see anything.
  10. Oh cool !! I see that pages the first time (ok i´m only 5 days on board) BUT yes !!! this site should - no MUST be linked at the download sektion!! Thanks But this would be additional really cool
  11. it looks different - outside the mainstream - cool - thanks for showing! one little thing with the "old" IE 8 the home site have a little bug - i get a vertical scroll line (see the pic attached) cu
  12. Nope sorry it´s a big corporate an the PC´s are Fort Knox (at the moment i go via the chat-login... that´s working)
  13. I didn´t agree with you for the German language! May be in Finland the moste People speek English?? But in Germany the most is translated for you (TV, cinema, ... the daily live). OK you say for "site builders" but here we are... on the other hand we want that PW should be more "public" and on the other side "english" for ALL is ok - i thought (that is only my opinion) for more "public" in Germany we NEED a full German translation. (In Finland could it be other?!) hmm i´m disagree with you about this. Ok it would be right that for the word "Admin" we didn´t need a "better" Translation (because we have enough "Denglisch" in our Language) but i thought it would be more confusion (see my poste above - and i´m not sure if i the only one??) when i go through the Translation and see - 1 blank, 2 blank, 1 blank, ... that sounds for me it´s not complete!! So i prefer a whole translation state. Only my 1 cent to this topic
  14. OK thanks for the further explanation - now it´s clear for me! (it was late last night )
  15. Hi Pete, i found today a little Problem in the Forum. I´m at work on a MS Windows 7 PC with Internet Explorer 8 and as i want to login to the PW Forum i can´t because there are no Login-Button... i´ve made a screenshot from it, see it attached
  16. Sorry slkwrm my mistake... it´s late but didn´t use this code from ryan because i didn´t understand it The only thing i have done is this one and there are no "a href" tag in it soo this is my problem?! I thought i need that second code from ryan or now from you only when i would change the integration of the navigation or when i would put this link "outside" a normal navigation ... ok its tooo late i will look tomorrow a second time above - hope that will help. cu
  17. OK i´m a little bit confuse ... which one is now the last one ?? I downloaded from github this one "yellowled-pw-lang-de-8c5e88b" but in this translation after the upload to PW there are 66 blank fields?!! Is this really the last and up-to-date German translation??
  18. Hi apeisa, i´m not know if i understood that right. With this Module when i login to PW i´. automatically logged in to my facebook account and later for example i could send a posting or a new "newsentry" in my newssection to my facebook profile???
  19. Hi together, i made my first steps with PW an as i know one of the first "problems" i had was the translation. I know that PW has a german translation but who the .... could i find that??!! So i (and certainly much more others) would be VERY very happy when we could have a subpage for Languages in the Download-section?? Like the Post from Nico The structure could be as follow: Language Name - the percentage of finish - untranslated (count) - last change - a download link somthing like this: https://translations.launchpad.net/roundcubemail/+translations What do you guess??
  20. Ok guys i´m not so confirm with php ... but who can i give this navigation link an additional Option like a "target" ?? The reason is that i´m don´t see the fun of it when the user click on that link and leave my site for ever ... i find the better solution is to open a new window. By the way i use this method from ryan:
  21. @ Jasper i didn´t think that this is a local problem from the LAMP because I can reproduce the problem from yellowled on a server at a ISP. I thought that the Problem that yellowled and I have is that we CHANGE under SETUP -> fields -> publish_from -> Details -- the "Time Output Format" from 14:20:30 to 14:20 !! and so i get the SAME Error as yellowled have with the output "15.08.2012 hh24:08:ss" I change the Time Output Format back to 14:20:30 an ALL works like a charme Did you have any solution for this??
  22. YES that would be great!! I can´t wait
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