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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I've just noticed on the site that I'm developing, that the time is wrong for the $page->created field. In the config.php file I have the timezone set to $config->timezone = 'Europe/London'; The date is correct, but the time is out. It is currently 21.35 where I am, but the time that's displayed in the info box for the page (in the admin) is 14:35. So it's a few hours out, and I can't understand why? Any suggestions welcome.
  2. Hey Ryan, hey friends, we, Mobile Trooper a digital agency based in Germany, use ProcessWire for an Enterprise-grade Intranet publishing portal which is under heavy development for over 3 years now. Over the years not only the user base grew but also the platform in general. We introduced lots and lots of features thanks to ProcessWire's absurd flexibility. We came along many CMS (or CMFs for that matter) that don't even come close to ProcessWire. Closest we came across was Locomotive (Rails-based) and Pimcore (PHP based). So this is not your typical ProcessWire installation in terms of size. Currently we count: 140 Templates (Some have 1 page, some have >6000 pages) 313 Fields ~ 15k Users (For an intranet portal? That's heavy.) ~ 195 431 Pages (At least that's the current AUTOINCREMENT) I think we came to a point where ProcessWire isn't as scalable anymore as it used to be. Our latest research measured over 20 seconds of load time (the time PHP spent scambling the HTML together). That's unacceptable unfortunately. We've implemented common performance strategies like: We're running on fat machines (DB server has 32 gigs RAM, Prod Web server has 32gigs as well. Both are running on quadcores (xeons) hosted by Azure. We have load balancing in place, but still, a single server needs up to 20 sec to respond to a single request averaging at around about 12 sec. In our research we came across pages that sent over 1000 SQL queries with lots of JOINs. This is obviously needed because of PWs architecture (a field a table) but does this slow mySQL down much? For the start page we need to get somewhere around 60-80 pages, each page needs to be queried for ~12 fields to be displayed correctly, is this too much? There are many different fields involved like multiple Page-fields which hold tags, categories etc. We installed Profiler Pro but it does not seem to show us the real bottleneck, it just says that everything is kinda slow and sums up to the grand total we mentioned above. ProCache does not help us because every user is seeing something different, so we can cache some fragments but they usually measure at around 10ms. We can't spend time optimising if we can't expect an affordable benefit. Therefore we opted against ProCache and used our own module which generates these cache fragments lazily. That speeds up the whole page rendering to ~7 sec, this is acceptable compared to 20sec but still ridiculously long. Our page consists of mainly dynamic parts changing every 2-5 minutes. It's different across multiple users based on their location, language and other preferences. We also have about 120 people working on the processwire backend the whole day concurrently. What do you guys think? Here are my questions, hopefully we can collect these in a wiki or something because I'm sure more and more people will hit that break sooner than they hoped they would: - Should we opt for optimising the database? Since >2k per request is a lot even for a mysql server, webserver cpu is basically idling at that time. - Do you think at this point it makes sense to use ProcessWire as a simple REST API? - In your experience, what fieldtypes are expensive? Page? RepeaterMatrix? - Ryan, what do you consider as the primary bottleneck of processwire? - Is the amount of fields too much? Would it be better if we would try to reuse fields as much as possible? - Is there an option to hook onto ProcessWires SQL builder? So we can write custom SQL for some selectors? Thanks and lots of wishes, Pascal from Mobile Trooper
  3. Hi there, just looking for ideas for an IP restricted login page for employees on site? Where to start? Is the IP restricted idea best? Just basically want to make sure employees are in the building when they sign in. Thanks for any help.
  4. Is there any built in way of disregarding the time on output in a datetime field is the time was orginially set? Ive gone from using the date only to using both date and time, but any timeless pages default to outputing 12:00am which looks odd having many pages listed in this way. Any thoughts would be welcome
  5. So I have an odd feature to tackle. I want to include an image in the template (aka a header), but want to implement a function to set a time in the future. Once the time was met, the image will automatically come down (if possible switch to another image, but that is not something Ill worry about now). Now, I set up an image field "timed_image", and I set up the date/time field "select_timed_expire". I also know how to echo the information on the page, but where I am finding issue is actually how to implement this. I could use javascript and pass the date/time to it, but from there I am quite lost on how to implement this. Has anyone done something like this before?
  6. Hi there, can't seem to get my head around handling user timezones the right way and hope to get some feedback from people more knowledgeable than me. My scenario: Users can set publishing date/time for pages they create through a frontend form. These should be saved in the users' timezone. I have a date field for publishing time. PW saves dates as unix timestamps to the DB. For conversion of the date/time to the timestamp PW uses the default server time zone setting (in my case Europe/Berln). Now when a user in timezone America/New_York creates a page and sets the publishing date, it will be converted to a timestamp using the server timezone Europe/Berlin and saved to the DB. Later the user checks if his page is being published at the set time in New York. But it will be published at the wrong time because the user is in a different timezone. I assume it would be best to convert the publishing date/time to a timestamp using the user timezone and save that to the DB. Am I right here? How would I accomplish that? I found date_default_timezone_set. Can I simply use this to set the user timezone before I save values, like date_default_timezone_set($userTimezone); // where $userTimezone is a string like "America/New_York" $editpage->of(false); foreach($adform as $field) { // loop through all fields and save them if(in_array($field->name, $ignorefields)) continue; $editpage->set($field->name, $field->value); } $editpage->of(true); date_default_timezone_set($config->timezone); // do I have to set it back to server timezone here?
  7. I need to have a time field, for a recurring class start and end; i can't do it with the built in date/time field because i don't need the date... i was wondering if anyone had already come up with a way to implement a time value without date.. something like this? https://drupal.org/project/timefield i previously implemented a time picker on a formbuilder form which allowed you to pick time only; maybe i'll need to build a module to put the time selector in a text field on my form... maybe something like this http://jonthornton.github.io/jquery-timepicker/
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