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  1. +1 for DASH. A massive time saver. Would totally love to see a PW docset. Wondering how I could help.
  2. @kongondo. Thank you for this very useful module. It will find a home in a couple of installs I have in the queue right now. I owe you one!
  3. Not a general support post. Should be moved to ->dev talk.
  4. The easiest way for you to just layout the HTML in a template and once you have raw HTML / CSS working the way you want, implement the dynamic parts via the API. You would also have something to share back here for potential feedback.
  5. @ankh2054 - Another warm welcome from a former x'r.
  6. Best to start with guidelines to stay out of trouble. GOOGLE : http://www.webmasterworld.com
  7. Not if your coming from fixed address environments. I like it this way. When you are on mobile or a ISP that dynamically assigns and reassigns IP addresses this setting is what you need.
  8. Dude that is an inactive project (last modified in 2004). Unless your prepared to vet it from a security perspective and update it for current versions of PHP, you should not consider deploying in production. Unless you like being owned.
  9. @Anton - It looks like you are serving PW up via NGINX right? What is your config?
  10. Check your root/site/config.php for credentials. If they are there, you don't have a clean install.
  11. @kongondo - I can confirm that "PageAutocomplete" is not visible under "Input field type" when looking at the field "tag" in the current blog profile and on PW 2.4. PageAutocomplete is visible on another field (page type) in a custom profile I have running on that same host. Can't explain this one. Test platform: PHP 5.5.10 (MAMP PRO 3.03) on OS X.
  12. JeffS


    Just an FYI: Been running on MariaDB for most of my installations PW ( 2.2, 2.3, 2.4) with no issues to report. That does not mean you should migrate a production site with out testing it however.
  13. ProcessWire is easy to get the hang of. If your going to build sites for clients, you will appreciate the differences soon enough. Come on in, the water is nice. BTW: i just finished moving the last of my client sites off MODx (started on 0.95). Most of them I converted on my dime. I did it because It saves me time and is easier for them to manage content. No more dependance on custom modules to get my sites the way I want. Have most everything I need in the core. Dumped drupal for many of the same reasons too. I used to think lots of great third party modules for *some cms* saved us time. Not so. The upgrade problems alone cost us more than the coding in PW. Learn to code. It's a skill that won't be replaced.
  14. First you should confirm that mod_rewrite is active. This should work for you (remove comment #). # RewriteRule ^pages/ / [L,R=301]
  15. Edited. --- ^^^ read full post..
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