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    I have a passion for Jesus and the Church and love great development tools – first of all Processwire.
  1. Thanks @bernhard - but i want it to be directly on the page without any iframe or lightbox. I know these solutions but i think there are many scenarios where you would like to mace crud things in the frontend and not have a separate ui or overriding to much. Kind of aurprises me this is not a question or need more often. @Macrura thanks! I will try it. Didnyou use it lately?
  2. Okay, I could probably use: < long time not updated… < even longer… < using formbuilder with page cration… could be the solution Is there a native way?
  3. @adrian How / Is it possible to easily receive a Template with all it's fields and settings to create a new form in the frontend? Basically the backend form for the frontend. I am also looking to make editing and creation of new Objects possible in the frontend and know how to build a form manually but is there an easy way to more or less get the whole template? Something like: // just made that code up… $form = $templates->get('MyTemplate')->form; $form->get('MyField')->attr('value', "New Value"); $form->render();
  4. THIS is why i love PW. Holy cow!!!
  5. Thank you, I did not know this, need to check… Thank you for your heads up!
  6. Sounds very interesting… I wonder if it could remove the need for a (Rest/Graphql) API and directly contact PW from a SPA…
  7. Thanks for all the inputs! Whit it's help, I was able to move the content of the Children Tab to the content Tab and remove the tab, as well as moving the name field below the title or subtitle field. Maybe someone else can use this as well: // Reorder Fields wire()->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::buildForm', function ($event) { // make sure we're editing a page and not a user if ($event->process != 'ProcessPageEdit') { return; } $page = $event->object->getPage(); $form = $event->return; $settingsTab = $form->children->getChildByName('id=ProcessPageEditSettings'); $contentTab = $form->children->getChildByName('id=ProcessPageEditContent'); // move name below title or subtitle foreach ([$settingsTab->getChildByName('_pw_page_name')] as $child) { if ($child) { $child->getParent()->remove($child->name); $child->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedPopulated; $contentTab->insertAfter($child, $contentTab->get('subtitle|title')); } } // continue only if on certain template if ($page->template->name !== 'ResourceEntry') { return; } // children tab $childrenTab = $form->children->getChildByName('id=ProcessPageEditChildren'); if (!$childrenTab) { return; } // move all content foreach ($childrenTab->children as $child) { if ($child) { // relable "add" buttton if ($child->get('AddPageBtn') instanceof InputfieldButton) { $child->get('AddPageBtn')->attr('value', _('Add New')); } $contentTab->append($child); } } // remove Tab and tab content: $form->remove($childrenTab); $event->object->removeTab('ProcessPageEditChildren'); });
  8. Thank you Theo! What are the main purposes of the module?
  9. I tried to find something in the forum and using google but I got stuck somewhere between imageSizerOptions and > and??? How exactly can I use actions from the API side? I'd like to convert Images to greyscale… Thanks for your help
  10. I think its time to reconsider the decision to split the repos in light of the hurdles and dissadvanatges separated repos bring for community support. If github cant provide the features required (which are not listed) - gitlab has private repos, protected branches etc etc... great points @StanLindsey thanks for sharing your toughts!
  11. Okay, sorry, didn't know - then its probably the update module that does format the files this way. Never the less, I still think having the date in the filename would be the best default in the majority of cases, since if you want to restore a backup, you‘d probably want to know the date anyway. But no problem for me, I figured it out, its just that I tought maybe that would help some to get started faster. Still great Module without this change.
  12. Yes, it uses # as default name resulting in dbname-1.sql, dbname-2.sql etc – so one can not easily tell how old the date is... Since PW itself already uses a name with date appended when backing up to the same folder on upgrades, why not use the same? The format PW uses: dbname-Version-YYYY-MM-DD_HH-ii-ss.sql processwire-3.0.86-2018-01-09_13-36-54.sql
  13. Thanks for the great Module! How about providing a default name if no name is present? #-%Y-m-d-H-i-s% Or a better description with an example, I had to go into code before I realised that I had to surround "all" of the date format with %. before I tried to surround every parameter (like %Y%-%m% etc)...
  14. As far as I can tell, translation for paywhirl is very limited (to one language) – a dealbreaker for us…
  15. Interested as well… what other options did you check out? This looks nice as well!