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  1. On fresh PW installation with just TracyDebugger installed it seems I'm getting proper results:
  2. After I replace that code on Sanitizer.php what code should I input on Tracy console?
  3. Yes I have hooks but those same hooks are on live server too. Btw I switched from XAMPP to Laragon (I wanted to do that for quite some time) and the problem remains. I will try later with a fresh install. Here it is:
  4. Could be the problem caused by Windows? I have the same installation on localhost (Windows) and on live server (Linux). Have you tried on localhost (Windows)?
  5. I've installed TracyDebugger on live server and the results from the above code are the same as yours. The problem is happening only on localhost (XAMPP).
  6. It's not the same. On the 2nd command the result for you is test_a.png and for me test.png.
  7. Yep I have the 1.2.4 and it has those lines. Here are the results:
  8. On the regular field I'm using {$page->title}_{$file->mtime} + "Rename on Save". On the repeater field I'm using {$filePage->my_text_field}_{$file->mtime} + "Rename on Save". On the field value I tested with various combinations like: "Test щ" or "Test ä" but doesn't matter cause none of them are working,
  9. @ryan You should update the version of InputfieldAsmSelect.module to 122 to enable cache busting on jquery.asmselect.css so everyone can view the new change you did about: .asmOptionDisabled { color: #999 !important; }
  10. It ignores the "Character replacements" from the InputfieldPageName module and on repeaters it replaces "Character replacements" and HTML entities with underscores. Please remove that update. The 1.2.2 version does the job perfect.
  11. Can you completely remove the HTML entities? For example if on the text field I write: "Test" then the file will be renamed to: quot-test-quot.jpg instead of test.jpg.
  12. The hosting company excluded the rule #340147 from ModSecurity and the problem is gone.
  13. Yes it works. Btw I've just entered the <iframe> tag on another textarea and it gets saved! I will check tomorrow why is this happening.
  14. It isn't possible cause the map url & iframe link has some encoded values such as the unique place id which isn't possible to get without an API key.
  15. I've tested this and It isn't accurate at all. For a proper map with 100% accurate results and without an API key the embed one is the ONLY option.
  16. I don't know cause I'm using the analytics.js. Btw I tested a youtube iframe embed code and still same problem. I've even tested adding just this: <iframe> and still same problem. ModSecurity doesn't like the iframe tag when you post a form.
  17. If I add html code (iframe) from Google Maps in a textarea field and try to save the page I will get a 403 error and the page will not get saved. Once I disabled Mod Security from cPanel and waited few minutes then I could save the iframe on pages without problems. Is there another way to solve this without disabling Mod Security?
  18. I started working on a module that will use exclusively the Esri Geocoding. Since you're using the Leaflet Control Geocoder on your module that supports various geocoders, you should update it to let the user select which one they want to use by supplying their API key if the selected geocoder requires it. EDIT: Unfortunately Esri isn't free.
  19. I installed the version 3.0.3 (PW3) and tested the geocoding and It can't find many places and even street numbers. Please correct me if I'm wrong but Google Geocoding can't work without an API key and the module doesn't ask for a key so it's probably using Leaflet's default geocoding cause when I search for example "Terra Vibe Park" I'm getting Nothing found but if I go on this sample that uses Leaflet with Esri Geocoding and search for "Terra Vibe Park" it will find it. Shouldn't be better to update the module to use Esri Geocoding? According to that sample code it doesn't seem to require any API key.
  20. @Mats Can you please tell me which module version is using Google's Geocoding?
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