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  1. Is "Optimize on resize/crop" in Automatic mode broken? Cause It doesn't optimize the variations. I have to manually go to the Variations modal and optimize them.
  2. Assuming that the editor uploads an image with a width of 700 pixels. Is it possible during upload to upscale that original image (NOT another copy) to a width of 1000 pixels?
  3. You have to delete the .phrase-index.txt first and then go try the "Live Search".
  4. Please inform the module authors to use HTML entities in notes for html tags. I've already fixed my PayPal module and also informed @Soma for EmailObfuscator module. It seems that with HTML entities just removes the whole messed up text but Live Search still remains broken. I will wait for an official fix from @ryan.
  5. @Soma Please update the module with the following fix to avoid breaking "Live Search" in Languages. Replace the 92 line with this: $field->notes = __("Example </head> or </body>.");
  6. That seems to be the best solution. Here is the code for the ProcessSettings module: <?php namespace ProcessWire; /** * Settings Module * ProcessWire 3.x, Copyright 2018 by Ryan Cramer * https://processwire.com * */ class ProcessSettings extends Process { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'Settings', 'version' => "1.0.0", 'summary' => "Modify site settings", 'permission' => 'settings-view', 'singular' => false, 'autoload' => false, 'author' => "PWaddict", 'icon' => 'cog', 'page' => array( 'name' => 'settings', 'parent' => 'setup', 'title' => 'Settings' ) ); } public function execute() { $settings = $this->pages->get("template=settings"); $this->session->redirect($this->wire('config')->urls->admin.'page/edit/?id='.$settings->id, false); // false = 302 temporary redirect } } and with my HidePages module I hide the Settings page from the Pages tree for non-superusers so they can only access it from Setup menu.
  7. @Robin S informed me that it's not possible to use a repeater field in a process module. Maybe if I create a process module that will redirect to the page I want to move under Setup...
  8. @Robin S If I create a process module with a repeater field, will I be able to limit it with your module?
  9. On that page I want to move under Setup I also have a repeater field that uses LimitRepeater module and I'm wondering if it will still function on a process module. How will I be able to output fields content on frontend? Currently I'm doing this since it's just a page: $settings = $pages->get("template=settings"); echo $settings->my_field;
  10. I would like to move a page under "Setup" menu but when I do that by pressing the "move" button and then dragging it under Admin > Setup it doesn't displayed in Setup's dropdown menu. How to do it properly?
  11. I'm currently using the Atom Dark syntax theme and I'm thinking to switch to something else. Any suggestions? Which one are you using?
  12. It's working PERFECT. Thank you. Please post the solution on the GitHub issue.
  13. Having a dot on the text field it doesn't process the filename properly after that dot. It happens on both Windows & Linux. Text Field value: T. Test ä Filename: t._test____1545258287.jpg Text Field value: Test ä T. Filename: test_a_t._1545258287.jpg Note: That issue doesn't happen on 1.2.2.
  14. It doesn't matter if I enter a valid or a non-valid locale on "C" string. The cleanBasename will always be broken if "C" isn't empty. I tried this on the fresh PW installation and the same problem happens so I will post an issue on GitHub. Thanks for the help @adrian & @matjazp and wish you Merry Christmas!
  15. I'm getting "ä" (2) on both. I translated the "C" string for the languages long time ago for 2 reasons: - Displaying on frontend the months in date format for each locale. - Adding months on page names via ProcessSetupPageName module. For the main language actually I had "en_US.utf8, English_United States" and for the alternate languages "es_ES.utf8, Spanish_Spain.1252" & "de_DE.utf8, German_Germany.1252". On each locale the first string is for Linux and the 2nd for Windows. I left both there as the "C" notes saying: Specify CSV string of locales to try multiple locales in order. That way I don't need to switch locales when for example I migrate the database from the live server on localhost for developing, testing etc. It seems that I don't need the "en_US.utf8, English_United States" for the main language so I left it empty but what if the main language wasn't English? How could I do the above if translating the "C" string on main language is causing problems on cleanBasename?
  16. It seems that only if the value is empty the cleanBasename will properly work in Windows.
  17. I found the problem. On the LanguageSupport.module I had the "C" value translated to "en_US.utf8".
  18. This is what I get: I'm still getting the same results from cleanBasename.
  19. I just tried that and I'm getting this on Dumps (redirect): ICONV "test ?_1545258287" (17) in C:\laragon\www\mysite\wire\core\Sanitizer.php:188 I comment it out that part but I don't know how to view the result.
  20. On both installations I'm getting these: "Test_.png" (9) "test_a.png" (10)
  21. I didn't noticed a specific pattern. On both installations I'm getting the same results: dirname => "." basename => ""Test ä".png" (13) extension => "png" (3) filename => ""Test ä"" (9)
  22. On the fresh PW installation sometimes doesn't work. I have to reload Apache on Laragon to get proper result on: d($pageFiles->cleanBasename($filename, false, true, true));
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