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  1. @ukyo I'm sorry, that I wasn't clear. I meant the classes are not appearing in the markup. All I get is <h3>Hello World!</h3> while I expected it to be <h3 class="uk-text-large">Hello World!</h3>
  2. Hello @ukyo, thanks for sharing this. I tried the module with your example code. The content and tag params work fine, but others like size etc. didn't output anything. Shouldn't they appear as CSS classes? Am I missing something? (PW 3.0.229, PHP 8.1 & 8.2) <?php echo component('heading', [ 'content' => 'Hello World!', 'tag' => 'h3', 'size' => 'text-large', ]);?>
  3. Just a guess: I'd assume there will be a conflict when you visit your homepage (like domain.com) which then wouldn't know if English or Suomi should be served. Maybe it would help if you deactivate Suomi or English, just for the Homepage. The pages below might then just work.
  4. aagd


    There are site profiles with breadcrumbs like the site-languages profile. There you can see how it's implemented in the _main.php (if you have one). Have a look at: https://github.com/processwire/site-languages/blob/main/templates/_main.php#L109-L117
  5. About handling the hardcoded URLs in WP, there was this: WordPress sucks and I want to kick you in your teeth! - Page 5 - Beer Garden - ProcessWire Support Forums I'm still using MAMP PRO with .local URLs. It has it's limits, eg. with the choice of DBs, PHP versions etc. I guess I'll switch to DDEV, too, one day...
  6. Have you tried with simpler content for body? Seems like table is stripped from the output. Possibly the body field needs to allow some extra html tags (see body field settings).
  7. Did you enter some test content in that repeater?
  8. For very complex templates I (miss)use the Auto Template Stubs module, to manually copy/paste a list of all used fields to the template head comments, so if there are a lot of generic fieldnames (as flydev recommended above), I don't have to look them up all the time. The module creates the whole info in separate files, very easy to copy & paste. If you need fields inside a Repeater, they're also available in separate files. Looks something like this then: /** * Template: contact (Contact) * * @property string $title Page Title * @property string $text_ml_01 Headline * @property string $textarea_ml_01 Body * @property Pageimages $images_01 Images * @property Pagefiles $files_ml_01 Files */
  9. orientation_session_item is a separate repeater field which has its own settings page, where you can define the label.
  10. In your screenshot under Item Headers, where you wrote {address_2} - That's where you define it. Make sure to save the field settings page, and reload the page editor of the content page to update. Also you have to set it for each matrix type separately. It looks like the field editor and the page editor don't match here, maybe you're editing the wrong field or matrix type here.
  11. Hi, just wanted to add, that hyphenation is also possible via CSS, so adding a class (via a custom entry in Styles) might also be an option. Here's a good intro: All you need to know about hyphenation in CSS | by Richard Rutter | Clearleft Thinking | Medium
  12. Is "für" a really stopword? Try $database->getStopwords() method - ProcessWire API to find out.
  13. Do you have a custom MySQL config? Because it seems to me that by default it shouldn't find für or der: Source: Using selectors in ProcessWire CMS
  14. I'm just guessing, but I think "für" is simply too short to get indexed, but you expect to match the exact phrase by using the `*=` selector operator. You might try `%=` instead. See also @BitPoet's post in Help understanding search results - General Support - ProcessWire Support Forums
  15. Post removed - Hasn't been a problem of the module...
  16. Can reproduce this here on 3.0.198 dev with Default Multilang Profile.
  17. The Problem was solved by https://github.com/processwire/processwire/commit/cde0f53ad60ac7a3bb62b42de5e151b7a6521caa
  18. You probably tried this already, just to be sure: Deleting the site/assets/cache folder. Checking that caching is off in that template's settings.
  19. It seems very unlikely to me that php can serve different code to different browsers. Did you check the output also in the page source (not inspector)? Does Firefox mark anything in red in page source (which should hint to html errors)?
  20. Like @bernhard said, a repeater works well for this. The output in the template could look like this: <ul> <?php foreach($page->repeater_faq as $faq):?> <li> <h2><?=$faq->question?></h2> <p><?=$faq->answer?></p> </li> <?php endforeach;?> </ul> If you want to optimize the FAQ page for Google SEO you could additionally add the content in JSON format (not visible on the page). More Info: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/structured-data/faqpage This is what I usually use: <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "https://schema.org", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [ <?php $items = $page->repeater_faq; $item_count = count($items); foreach($items as $key => $value):?> { "@type": "Question", "name": <?=json_encode($value->question)?>, "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": <?=json_encode($value->answer)?> } }<?php if ($key === $item_count - 1){echo "\n";} else {echo ",\n";} ?> <?php endforeach;?> ] } </script>
  21. For larger sites I mostly use generic, numbered fieldnames like text_ml_01 (ml for multilanguage) which I might generate via API. Then in the templates I change the labels to something more meaningful and via AutoTemplateStubs I copy the complete field info with labels into the php templates, looks sth. like: /** * Template: basic-page (Basic) * * @property string $title Titel * @property string $text_ml_01 Headline * @property string $textarea_ml_01 Intro * @property string $body_01 Content * @property string $text_ml_02 CTA Button Label * @property mixed $url_ml_01 CTA Button URL * @property Pagefiles $files_ml_01 Linked Files */ For smaller sites I prefer more custom fieldnames.
  22. Next guess: a variable scope issue like in Make variables in _init.php available inside functions in _func.php - General Support - ProcessWire Support Forums
  23. My uneducated guess: Maybe a namespace issue? Are all your files in `namespace ProcessWire`?
  24. I used Ryans table field for a similar listing. It's a pro module (not free), but I liked the easier, faster entry of dates and the better overview. It's like a leaner version of a repeater field, good for hundreds of entries. https://processwire.com/store/pro-fields/table/
  25. In the RepeaterMatrix field create two repeater matrix item types: cta1 & cta2. They don't even have to have any fields, i guess. In the template file that should output the repeater items you can output them like this: <?php foreach($page->repeater_matrix_field as $item){ if ($item->type == "cta1"){ echo wireRenderFile("Call-to-Action01.php"); } if ($item->type == "cta2"){ echo wireRenderFile("Call-to-Action02.php"); } } ?> RepeaterMatrix is a pro module, though. Not Core.
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