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  1. this is what i was looking for in the very beginning, thanks for pointing me to the right direction!
  2. hey everybody, you are all super awesome! thanks for the help and directions. i thought about the same processes but couldnt find a hook to start digging. now i got plenty of material from you all, thanks a lot!!
  3. this is awesome and how i then imagined to do it! and yes, i love the pw way! i knew it is done a smart way. thanks!
  4. Hi community, to be honest this may be very simple, I just don't know where and what to look for: I want to create a list of dates and titles from the backend, in this case to manage a list of upcoming concerts (date, title, desc, link, ticket link). This should be listed on the website one after the other (date order, maybe auto archival later) and editable in the backend (delete e.g. if concert isnt happening or postponed etc). Maybe you can guide me to the general functionality to look for in the manuals or modules? Just a hint.. Thanks a lot in advance!
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