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  1. Update: OpenShift already accept the quickstart
  2. I've been trying Openshift this past weeks for PaaS. So far so good
  3. No problem, It's not the usual hosting, but if you know that basic of git you can take the advantage of using this service. I just submit one click installation that is currently on review so for now, this quickstart will use a bit of terminal but if you manage to install rhc, your good to go We are willing to assist you
  4. I just stumble openshift and created some quickstart for it: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/11777-openshift-processwire-quickstart/
  5. I just stumble openshift and created some quickstart for it: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/11777-openshift-processwire-quickstart/
  6. I just created a quickstart of Processwire to OpenShift here: https://hub.openshift.com/quickstarts/229-processwire This will helps you get up and running quickly with a Processwire installation on OpenShift. The database credential will automatically use upon installation and the hook script will check if you already completed the installation and remove it upon building.
  7. Hi! Thanks for the heads up! Already updated! the template now support multiple images.
  8. Hi! I think it's also serachable via API since it also a page. Have a look a comment with rating module. There is a added custom fields with that plugin
  9. Hi! Have you already test the comments fields type? I think it suits on your need
  10. Try looking on the official PW documentation tutorial it contains all you need. You may also want to look at some video tutorials.
  11. Hi! Just currently using this on our proof of concept and on a hackaton. It's like ServicePage module but the difference is it return data without the need of extra programming (Image field for example). Also it only coded on the template. It primary used template URL segment to identify what page should be returned. All output is generated in JSON format. You can view it here.
  12. Hi! Just create some WebServiceTemplate which enhance the functionality of the snippet. You can view it here
  13. Ok. I already do this. What I do is this: public function init() { // add before-hook to the inputfield render method $this->addHookBefore("Inputfield::render", $this, "getPreviewURLField"); $this->pages->addHookAfter('Page::render', $this, 'hookFormRendering'); } public function getPreviewURLField(HookEvent $event) { $field = $event->object; if( $field->name == 'site_preview_url' ) { $this->url = $field->value; } } public function hookFormRendering(HookEvent $event) { // GET PAGE DATA $url = $this->url; $page = $event->object; if ( $url ) { $event->return = str_replace('<form id="ProcessPageEdit"', '<a href="' . $url . '" target="_blank">Go to site</a><form id="ProcessPageEdit"', $event->return); } } I have a follow question. Is this ideal
  14. Hi! Is there anyone here already try to modify the function of View function? I tried to modify it using Inputfield::render when I assign new value, nothing happen. Also, I tried to use Page::render to have a different button but I cannot get the current editable field value of the page.
  15. Hi! Is this applicable on managing data? specifically editing. Our app will not render any data on template file. This mean that all of our data will be fetch by another framework. So I will not put any code on the template. And I will only use this idea on editing a page on admin side. Is there any way processwire can do this without any APIsh approach? By the way. Nice idea
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