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  1. I think #3 sounds best. So effectively I guess I can just copy it to my global _func.php file and then drop the $this instance and I should be good to add to the markup? Also one other thing I have been trying to get the featured image of renderPosts() to show but cant seem to figure it. Have enabled tags in blog_image field and left the featured options as default. Have tried adding the tag featured to the image I want as featured but it is not showing. Sorry for all of these questions. I'm having a bit of a moment these last few days.
  2. Thanks for the super speedy reply Kongondo! Very grateful as ever. Ok, so currently there isn't a away to add or adjust the markup elements via the options array? Hmm... I have this issue in my head with doing it with javascript because of the extra bloat etc. But then I guess it really isn't adding that much and the rest of the site relies on javascript to run so this wouldn't be too much of a bad thing using it for this purpose as other things would break too.
  3. Hi hi hi, Quick question which will either be a yes or no and if it's a yes hopefully it will be quite simple for someone to answer... I'm aware that styling is easiest by just using CSS, however I am using bootstrap so would love to be able to change the markup if that is at all possible. Haven't seemed to have found anything to say there is an easy way of doing this. It's just that based on my design I need to have a div class="container" within div class="post" for each post. Otherwise I am going to have to do a whole load of mixins and stuff. This isn't to detract from the module as it is the tits. Just a question to hopefully make my life easier. Thanks in advance.
  4. Nice one Mike! You're a king. Nice and succinct answer!
  5. Hi guys, Just a quick one which I imagine someone has come across before. I don't feel like it warrants a module and might be as simple as editing a method in the admin module but can't see where to start. Is it possible to customise the titles that you see in the page tree? At the moment it displays the title. Which is absolutely perfect for everything apart from one thing which i would like to customise the page title display. I have a page called properties with children which are the properties themselves. I have renamed the title field to House Number/Name for the property template context and then separately I have a street field. I would like to concatenate the street field onto the title so you would get. the "House number" "Street name" as the title you see for these pages in the page tree. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  6. Here's another one. Prime location, the crafty buggers.
  7. Awesome! Nice one man! You are a bloody marvellous chap. Some might say a gentleman and a scholar... I most certainly would say so! I shall follow your process process down to the wire.
  8. Hmm it must be something to do with the newer comments module for sure. I should have stated earlier that i am also running pw 2.5.10 dev branch. I tried backing up to an earlier installation and reinstalling with the same 2 issues with the tables field_blog_comments and field_blog_comments_votes
  9. Yea each time the field sticks in the DB so I manually remove it before trying again. Have just tried re-installing again now but it's all gone mental now and am getting about 28 or so errors now. Ahhhhh. Dunno what's happening. Haha.
  10. Yea I didn't need to use the batcher because there was only 1 table not removed from the DB. All fields were removed fine. Just need to try and figure out what is up with these errors at my post above now
  11. Thank you for the reply! Much appreciated. So I did a cleanup, then removed field_blog_comments_votes which didn't get deleted from the DB and then did an uninstall of the blog module, then increased the limit of xdebug.max_nesting_level to 200 in php.ini and then tried a re-install and got the same/similar issues at the same point. Have attached a screenshot if you get chance to take a look. Sorry for the trouble.
  12. Hi kongondo, thank you for the awesome module! I have just installed the module on a site I am currently developing and am now getting an issue when I go to the blog control panel I get the following error: FieldtypeComments: SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table 'field_blog_comments_votes' already exists There was another error stating that field_blog_comments did not exist when I first went to the blog control panel but that one has cleared and the table does exist. But I can't seem to figure what is the issue with this error. Have tried removing and uninstalling and then re-installing to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, Alex
  13. I can add new pages from the parent using the Add New button with no errors. I have checked the inputfield set up and there are no errors there too. I have debug enabled, but I can't see any errors. I am surely missing something simple...
  14. Hmmm, nope. Bizarre. Thanks for your patience @Macrura !
  15. No I hadn't. Whoops... My bad on that. However, I have added the two last lines but still no joy. seems bit odd to me
  16. Hey man, Sorry to bring this up again but based on the below quote by @Macrura I have tried hooking into the api with the below code to add some pages but it doesn't seem to work for me. my PageTable field is called projects so have replaced page_table_field and used the correct parent ID and have tried calling this from say, the home page but it doesn't seem to work. Any thoughts, Cheers
  17. Hi Chaps, I have added an extra field to the event field type for URL. Everything works fine except for if I try to delete the URL or whatever text is in the field and re-save the page, on page reload the URL is still present. However if I remove the value from say 'location' or 'notes' and then delete the value from the 'URL' field too and then re-save then it removes the value from 'location' and 'url' as it should. Is there anything that stands out as obvious for why it is doing this straight off the cuff? I can't fathom it. All I have done is duplicated the necessary information in event.php, FieldtypeEvents.module and InputfieldEvents.module Thanks in advance for any help! Alex
  18. Just going to add a note for something I noticed. When building your selector don't use the revers() sorting/filtering function as makes renderPager() output nothing. So use sort=something in the selector instead. I went with sort=created to sort the pages by created date.
  19. Just stumbled across this but look how similar the oxford dictionaries logo is to processwire's logo! Bizarre!
  20. Well it's a lovely Saturday afternoon in blighty. So I'm just wondering guys, I'm building a page which will be an add property page for estate agents. Now I am using input field type Pages to create a dropdown list of property types as pages. Then under these property types i would like subtypes. So it may look like: Houses -> Detached -> Semi-Detached Another -> Another sub type You get the idea Now... I wanted to have it set up so when creating the page You select the Property type from the dropdown then Once you have chosen one the subcategory dropdown shows listing the subcategories of that category. I noticed when setting up the sub category's "Selectable pages" that custom PHP code is not compatible with page list selector so I'm looking for some advice on what would be the best way of going about achieving this? I'm sorry if it has been asked before, I can't find the same question in the forum. Thanks
  21. Ok! typo. They are rendering with images. However the <p>Couldn't find director.</p> doesn't show when setting a user that doesn't exist. I'll have to take a look into that. It's working though! Thanks teppo and WillyC
  22. So you were both right that one of the directors didn't have an image assigned which was breaking it. So I have amended the code but now the director with no image renders now with no image of course and then it fails and throws an error for the last two. If I change the usernames to one's which don't exist nothing displays at all and nor does the <p>Couldn't find director.</p> message. I'm confused
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