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  1. @baba_mmx Any chance to make your module compatible with PW 3x? I would love to try it but it creates an internal server error when trying to login or register.
  2. What about http://www.listjs.com ?
  3. Another +1 for the much better-known split button pattern.
  4. How do you guys deal with editors (or regular users via front-end form submissions) who have their CAPS LOCK key enabled and merrily type in entire paragraphs in uppercase letters as if there's no tomorrow? I don't know why people do this, this drives me crazy Do you detect it on the front end with JS and throw a warning, or "process it in post-production" with something like ucwords(strtolower($foo))? I thought that some simple instructions at the start of the form would be enough, but there's always someone who doesn't read them or just doesn't care.
  5. I'm looking at Amazon SES right now (recommended by MailChimp's CEO in his blog post announcing the change), but I don't have any experience with it. Anyone has used it? Easy enough to set up?
  6. I'm also getting a parse error on 3.08: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected 'var' (T_VAR) (line 39 of /var/www/example.com/site/modules/Pages2Pdf/mpdf/mpdf.php)
  7. Has anyone tried this module with the 3x branch? I'm getting all sorts of errors after trying to upgrade to 3.05, such as "Exception: Method Pageimage::getThumb does not exist or is not callable in this context..." and "Error: Class 'ProcessWire\ProcessCroppableImage' not found (line 208 of /var/www/my-domain.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/CroppableImage/FieldtypeCroppableImage/FieldtypeCroppableImage.module)"
  8. @OllieMackJames, I just double-checked. I'm also on 2.7.3, and I am still seeing reductions between 35% and 50% depending on the image.
  9. This module rocks! Thanks Jonathan. I'm seeing up to 50% reductions in file size with no visible quality difference.
  10. Another confirmation from me that PW works well as a JSON backend for an Android app. The Android app developer was able to successfully pull the JSON output from Ryan's Pages Web Service module and from Christian's WebServiceTemplate (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7369-webservicetemplate/).
  11. Hi Pierre-Luc, Looks great! is there a check for a minimum number of characters?
  12. If you're on a Mac, CodeKit is a hassle-free (as in open it and you're pretty much ready to go) alternative: https://incident57.com/codekit/ Bonus: Overview of version 2 on CSS Tricks: https://css-tricks.com/codekit-2-0/
  13. This is exactly what I'm doing, and I've had the same experience: no more false SPAM. Such a great service. This new module is going to open up new possibilities I'm sure!
  14. Nice Benjamin! Great timing (you posted your module last night). Works great, it's exactly what I needed.
  15. I have a rather unusual need. I need to have two fields in my template that show the parent and grandparent of the actual page in a plain (readonly) text field. Let me explain. My tree is as such: - State - City - Point of Interest At runtime, it's easy to retrieve the city and state of the point of interest with $page->parent and $page->parent->parent respectively. But what I'd like to have two fields that show the actual output of those queries directly in the editor. For example: City: Hoboken, State: New Jersey. The main reason is that I'm trying to output these two fields in JSON (using Christian's WebServiceTemplate) so that an app developer can grab these results without making two extra calls to the database. A hook would probably do it, but I don't know how to achieve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Thanks pwFoo. You're right, it's easy to extend and there are plenty of snippets in the forum to get anyone started quickly.
  17. Thanks. I realize that FormHelperExtra was not needed, so I went ahead and successfully installed everything else. The login and registration process work fine in my test environment, and it's pretty easy and quick to implement. Great job. Now I'd like to go one step further, and allow users to edit their profiles (after adding fields to the user template like "first name", "last name" and "birthdate" for example). I believe that FormHelper should help out with this, but how should I proceed? Could you add a simple example to the module docs?
  18. Hi pwFoo. I've tried to install first FormHelper on a clean local installation with Mamp Pro (PW 2.5.29, PHP 5.6.2). FormHelper.module was installed properly, but the FormHelperExtra.module gives me the following error: "Unable to install module 'FormHelperExtra': Can't save page 0: /fhstorage/: It has no parent assigned".
  19. @rot, thanks a lot for this module! I've tested both the FTP and Google Drive options for a site of mine hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS, and it worked flawlessly. It took less than a minute to create the backup files and upload the 650 MBs ZIP to Google Drive, which is quite impressive. I must say that setting up the Google Drive option was hard due to the lack of documentation, but since it's a pre-release, that's expected.
  20. ESRCH, you're such a great teacher. I've understood it perfectly. Very smart solution. I love this forum, I always learn something new. Now I have to up my PHP game to be able to return the favor and contribute more.
  21. Thanks ESRCH for your explanation. I understand now why $a->unique() isn't working. However, I don't understand your code, especially the $lastEditorial variable. And I don't know how to echo it either... But you guessed what I wanted to achieve: I have a list of books where various editors typed in publishers manually in a text field, instead of pulling them from a predefined list. Hence my issue with the duplicates: I want a "clean" array with unique publishers.
  22. Can someone explain to me how to use $a->unique();? <?php foreach($pages->find("template=item, editorial!='', sort=editorial") as $item) { echo $item->editorial; } ?> Retrieves a list of publishers ("editorial" field) from a template called "item", but with duplicates: Abada Abada Abada Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science Chinese Academy of Sciences Actar Actar etc... How can I remove the duplicates from this simple loop?
  23. Thanks for this. It's going to be very useful.
  24. Lightbox is an add-on, which means that you need to include the JS and CSS files separately. It's not part of the UIKit core files.
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