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  1. ok so i edited ImageType.php and added webp as a pageimage field then i was able to pick it up from the configuration, looks like it works
  2. Hi, is there a way to request images with set size and ext? Currently i can access only original. example: size(320, 280)->webp
  3. thing is that you can access page using both protocols, no redirect implemented yet, but you can see difference http:// vs https://
  4. Hi guys, i noticed that my page is responding significantly slower when accessed by https protocol, anyone experienced similar issues?
  5. Hi guys, im building vuejs page which connects to my processwire website. Ajax call goes to api/rest/item-list/page[number]. Its all working fine if the page im requesting is not larger then 3 digit. so api/rest/item-list/page999 works fine, but as soon as i want to get api/rest/item-list/page1000 and over i get 404. The funny thing is that when im checking url in the browser tab im getting correct results. What can be the issue here? Thanks.
  6. You can also pass selector in array, it worked for me with checkbox. $searchCriteria = array('parent' => 'some_id', 'some_field' => 0, 'some_other_field' => array(0, 1) ); $results = wire('pages')->find($searchCriteria);
  7. Carousel: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/ As for the grid im using susy and make my own grids: http://susy.oddbird.net/ I dont use templates, all is custom build.
  8. Hi guys, today im sharing new website for a gamin clan, integrated with steam api. Design Piotr Niescioruk @ avenueagency.eu Implementation Paweł Kazubski @ avenueagency.eu Please share your thoughts. http://ctoc.com.pl/
  9. Thank you very much for mentioning <3 https://weekly.pw/issue/108/
  10. Thanks Design - Piotr Niescioruk http://avenueagency.eu Implementation - Paweł Kazubski (me) http://avenueagency.eu Pictures - Site owner If you like this site please like it here also https://processwire.com/about/sites/list/claymeeples/
  11. Hello, its been a while since i posted new website build on processwire so here we go Build on Processwire 3.0.12 devns with proCache. Thanks Ps. Content entry is still in progress. http://claymeeples.com/ Screenshot:
  12. Worst is that most of the magic is on the backend where noone can see . Great thing is that processwire is so flexible and allows you to to combine backend with frontend in perfect ways. Happy to work with you
  13. Hi guys, just finished new portfolio site. My friend Piter did the design, i did all the coding. In portfolio you can see couple of our sites, all build on processwire. Site is still in tests, so there might be some bugs . Cheers. http://avenueagency.eu/
  14. Hi. thx for a module , i wonder is there a way to include translation fields as well. Textarea (default) + other languages, and so on.
  15. Hi guys im still thinking about this topic and i have an idea of how i want to do this, question is ... is it possible and if is whats the best way to achieve it. Site structure: MAIN SITE ARTICLES article-1 article-2 article-3 PAGE PARENT FOR SLAVE PAGE 1 cloned-article-1 cloned-article-2 PAGE PARENT FOR SLAVE PAGE 2 cloned-article-3 When im adding article to my article parent there are checkboxes (pageField): - clone to PAGE PARENT FOR SLAVE PAGE 1 - clone to PAGE PARENT FOR SLAVE PAGE 2 On save, the article is saved to parent pages i choose with those checkboxes. On SLAVE SITE 1 there is a cron job every day that will grab articles from MASTER SITE -> PAGE PARENT FOR SLAVE PAGE 1 and create thoes pages on SLAVE SITE (title, body, images); and same goes for SLAVE SITE 2 Now how can i achieve this? rss feed? some jsonp? Is there a way to grab pages from different site and create them in other?
  16. I regiestered using Facebook, cant enter my credentials here : http://directory.processwire.com/login/ i changed password in profile but still no luck.
  17. Yes i noticed, i just found that not every user is used to that and they are trying to click arrow anyways. Tho it's just a suggestion .
  18. Nice site . Found a bug: user is unable to click right arrow on carousel on lower resolutions (theres some div covering arrow), see attached screen. I would also sugest making arrows bit bigger for mobile devices. Good job . http://snag.gy/HsVTA.jpg
  19. I read this article :https://processwire.com/api/modules/multi-site-support/ and i think 1st option is good since you have seperate folders and admin page. I just wonder if theres a way to push pages to another site. ie. Im on the master site. If (checkbox on the page is checked ) { on page save -> create page on the sub-page and populate all fields/images with given template and in given parent. } is this possible? or should i just use option 2 of multisite?
  20. Im using : <a href="<?php echo $pages->get(ID_OF_PAGE)->url; ?>"> <?php echo $pages->get(ID_OF_PAGE)->title; ?> </a> This way i get page that i want, i can change its name and title from inside admin panel. This way i dont have to go in code every time i want change title or parent of the page
  21. Yes i know i could user parameter in url for that but i would want to have other ways of doing that and: $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; Does the job so thank you guys. Meaby i will use both ways to be sure Thank you.
  22. Hi, is there a posibility to check from what site / url user entered your site in php or js ? example... i have a baner on some other site, user clicks it and he is redirected to my site. Is there a way to tell from what site he was redirected from?
  23. Is it possible that this module shows also files in subfolders of /site/templates ? Im usualy developing site like this some_template.php <--- here i include "articles/article-list.html"; so in my templates folder i have Templates articles folder article-list.html some_template.php and this module for translations grabs files that are in templates folder only without any subfolders. So i have to manualy type in path of files.
  24. hehe thanks mate. Its my second time now first was with hejtuje.com and hate.it Thanks for good words
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