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  1. Soma I've rewritten the code and it was the same but...another strange thing. I thought it may be connected with pager so I removed rendering pager, disabled page numbers for this particular page and changed code to : $pages->find('template=movie, limit=10')->not("youtube_id=''"); But it didn't show any results. So I removed limit=10 and then it worked properly. Movies with empty fields didn't show up. But still I didn't have pager functionality, so I brought back rendering pager, enabled page numbers and added limit=10 again... and now it's working right... with the code and the same settings with which it was not working few minutes ago. It's really strange and I have no idea what can be the reason of this behaviour :-/
  2. Database repair done, code also checked, even in new file. I'm using != operator so it should work, but when I look into the source (even the newest one on github : https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/P21/blob/dev/wire/core/DatabaseQuerySelectFulltext.php) it doesn't really exists, so I'm confused...
  3. I was also trying find("youtube_id='', limit=10"); but it didn't work. Now it's getting strange because for few minutes != operator was working (but still without empty records) and then again it's throwing errors Fatal error: Exception: Unimplemented operator in DatabaseQuerySelectFulltext::match() (in \wire\core\DatabaseQuerySelectFulltext.php line 77) #0 I'm afraid to update to 2.2 because I'm using Languages module and it's not compatible with new language features in 2.2. But for a test I replaced for a moment "wire" directory for the new one, from 2.2 and problem still existed for me...
  4. None of above examples works for me :-/ I'm trying to get all the movies which "youtube_id" field is empty (in fact I want to get all movies which youtube_id is not empty, but also != selector doesn't work for me and as I can see it's not implemented here https://github.com/r...ectFulltext.php while it exists in documentation, so I will stick to get all pages with empty youtube_id fields). So what I'm doing is : $movies = $pages->get('/'.$lang.'/movies')->find('youtube_id=, limit=10'); or $movies = $pages->get('/'.$lang.'/movies')->find('youtube_id=0, limit=10'); etc. That's the SQL query that shows up in debug mode : SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS pages.id,pages.templates_id FROM `pages` JOIN pages_parents ON (pages_parents.pages_id=pages.parent_id AND (pages_parents.parents_id=1723 OR pages_parents.pages_id=1723 )) LEFT JOIN field_youtube_id ON field_youtube_id.pages_id=pages.id WHERE field_youtube_id.pages_id IS NULL AND (pages.status<1024) GROUP BY pages.id LIMIT 0,10 /* Selector: has_parent=1723, youtube_id=0, limit=10, status<1024 */ [0 rows] [0.0004s, 0.0836s, 0.21818995475769s] Also I've checked in database and this field is really empty. Type of this field is just "Text". I'm using processwire 2.1
  5. No no, color was just an example It's text field.
  6. Unfortunately this one doesn't work for me. Just no results.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with selecting all the pages whose field, for example "color" has empty value. Is it possible with find() method or do I have to select all pages and check in loop if this field is empty or not?
  8. apeisa you're right. My version was about 2 months old, that's why it didn't work...
  9. Hi, I'm having problems with uploading files after moving PW to another server. Everything works well on one server, but on the other when I try to upload any file (image/text file etc.) the progress bar goes to 100% and nothing happens (no thumbnail is being created, no description field shows up). I'm sure that all permissions are ok also $config->debug = true and logs/error.txt doesn't show any errors. Safe mode is off. Also was trying with code from another topic : <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1); $target = "./site/assets/files/1/test.php"; copy("./test.php", $target); if(is_file($target)) { echo "\nfile was copied"; unlink($target); } else { echo "\nfile was not copied -- what error message did you get?"; } and it was successfull ("file was copied"). Do you have any other idea how could I debug the problem ? Thanks, Elmr
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