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  1. @soma - advice taken ! thanks -marc
  2. thanks netcarver & diogo - it's working and so simple to implement with PW. this is what i ended up with: <?php if(!$session->noPop){ include("./popup.inc"); $session->noPop = 1; } ?> -marc
  3. Hi diogo - thanks for the code - i tried it but couldn't get it to work, though i think i understand what this is doing; what if a visitor lands on an inside page, but then clicks to the homepage; i think i need to setup a session variable when the visitor lands on the homepage, which can be compared when they come back a 2nd time...? -marc
  4. I have a client who wants to have a modal pop up box (i'm using the Zurb 'Reveal' jquery plugin for it) on their homepage, but they only want it to appear once per visit, so if the user clicks back to the homepage, they don't get the pop up again. Just wondering if anyone has any idea how to do this with php/processwire, or should i be using jquery cookies? Thanks, Marc
  5. Hey diogo - thank you for checking out the site, and for pointing me to the responsive images solution; i'll see if i can donate some more time to this and integrate that;
  6. @teppo - thanks for checking it out; I'm going to do some optimization; i just enabled gzip in the htaccess; (i was avoiding doing too much work since it's sort of a donation project) but i think i'll probably also setup minify on the scripts and css; for the images, they are huge; i'll have to see if i can reduce the size, maybe downgrade the jpeg quality and save some bandwidth... @WillyC - yes, i guess you have to go to the class to see more...and this it hot yoga, so the room is really hot/humid...you sweat a gallon.
  7. @Nico - this is using Ecwid, which is a great ecommerce plugin; http://www.ecwid.com you setup all the products over on the ecwid account (this site is using the free plan), then you can get the add to cart code and paste it in; but since it is easy to get custom output in PW, i just have the users enter the product id # into the PW page and then the necessary code to display each button is automatically output in a foreach... <form><script type="text/javascript">xAddToBag('productid=<?php echo $product_id ?>');</script></form> @arjen- thanks for checking it out - it's nice to use the PW logo instead of just a text link, since IMHO it is the hippest CMS logo out there;
  8. New site made with PW: http://yogacentergreenwich.com/ [edit - should have provided some details...] - formbuilder for contact form - image gallery pagination code from here - pw logo from here - ecwid for shopping cart - campaign monitor for the newsletter -marc
  9. Thanks Ryan for your input on this and for the offer of the code. I'm still considering alternative options for this, and it's sort of low-budget and then need it soon, so i may end up having to go with a prebuilt system; I'll get in touch if/when that option looks necessary.... -marc
  10. Thanks a lot Tom! I did look at that post, so thanks for reminding me about that; I guess i'm just going to go for it with PW; the client want's something uber-simple and minimal; the users of this system will be mostly 65+ and i'm wary of doing it with one of the big three, since it's always so hard to hit the target exactly with those pre-built components/plugins... I'll see how far i can get and post back here. -marc
  11. I'm trying to determine if i can build a site for a client using PW; this client has requested a site for a homeowner's association; - members only site - front-end user login (about 70 users) - when users login they will be able to -view a list of announcements, and a list of events - submit an event (planning to use the formbuilder, post to 'events' page) - submit an announcement (formbuilder -> page) after reading many posts on the forum, it seems that this can be done without a tremendous amount of code (also thanks to the formbuilder); the area i'm not sure about is having users be able to edit a submission, or their own user data; so if they submit an event or announcement, how to have them be able to edit it, on the front-end once they are logged in, and also how to enable them to have access to their user data (i.e. to change username, password or other fields); TIA, marc
  12. i agree to would move everything into a subdomain, or at the very least block robots with a robots.txt file, while you are working on fixing those things; and also in future it is a good habit as arjen says to first test the site in a subdomain when migrating from a local version to a live server...
  13. no, i think you should stick with what you have, my first comment was more of a general recommendation for future reference.. I just think you have some things messed up in your template files, i could even see it viewing the source; i don't think uploading your local install files will necessarily fix this; really you need to look at the firefox web console and see the very many redirects coming from soundcloud, and 404 file not found errors; that should give you some clues of where to start fixing; at this point i would just go forward and finish developing the site on the server.
  14. Couple of things - 1.) I always just upload the whole site from my local install, install the DB, change the mySQL info in the site/config, and it always works great; this would mean you could avoid having to run the exporter, and then the PW installer...might save some steps; 2.) You site has some big issues; I would suggest to install the firefox web developer tools and look at the console; most of the problems you are having are related to soundcloud and a calendar script, but once you see the console output you'll know, because there are a LOT of errors, like these: [17:55:57.800] ReferenceError: Validator is not defined @ http://www.fem-k.com/_php/_php/_php/_php/calendar/calendar_form.php?objname=date3&selected_day=0&selected_month=0&selected_year=0&year_start=2012&year_end=2022&dp=1&da1=1346299200&da2=1661918400&sna=1&aut=&frm=&tar=&inp=&fmt=j%20F%20Y&dis=&pr1=&pr2=&prv=&pth=../_php/calendar/&spd=[[],[],[]]&spt=0&och=&str=0&rtl=&wks=∫=1&hid=1&hdt=1000:274 [17:55:58.945] GET http://www.fem-k.com/_php/_php/_php/_php/_php/calendar/images/iconCalendar.png [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 1068ms]
  15. I'm also interested in automated backups; i found this on Codecanyon and will probably purchase/try it for use with some PW sites.. http://codecanyon.ne...or=stormbreaker Update: I have purchased this and installed it; it works very well; I was able to backup my processwire site and database with 1 click, and then setup a cron job to back it up once a week; the script saves your settings in a json file (so no database); I'm having it save the archives to a remote ftp, but it also supports local and dropbox backups. Update 2: I just took a look at stillmovingdesign's suggestion, and the cpanel backup looks great...i like that the files are not stored in the web root;
  16. OK - right, this is in fact the select module by Hani, (got so used to installing that,forgot it was a separate module..); But i can confirm that the option/value feature of this module doesn't work for me, or if it does, the code might need to be updated to allow for changes to the list after the initial setup; It works fine if you don't have the option/value pair; I guess i'm going to start using apeisa's suggestion, since it will enable the end users to add options without having to go in and edit a field; I usually have a hidden 'settings' page with the global site settings, so i have seen it suggested elsewhere in the forum to setup a child page within that settings page, and below that define dropdown options; so in my case i would have a child page of settings called 'language choices' and then each of those could contain the option/value pair... -marc
  17. this is the 2nd time i have encountered this issue; the first time i just figured i was doing it wrong; when making the options in a select list, it says: this is my list: engus:=English (US) enguk:=English (UK) french:=French italian:=Italian spanish:=Spanish greek:=Greek but for some reason this is not working...it doesn't store the value when using this kind of list. Does it only work with numbers?, or can we have the stored data be the string on the left (which could be a css class for example) and on the right be able to use a word combination that is more understandable to the user... -marc
  18. @evanmcd- Have you considered using something like Fabrik or Zoo (since you're already in Joomla..)- Either of those can handle custom content pretty well, (not as nice as PW!); I have a bunch of sites using Zoo and it's decent for custom content; it runs as a sort of a separate sub-cms with custom fields...
  19. @Nico - thanks for the reply - i tried that but the field was stripping out tags... @Soma - thanks -this works! nl2br -marc
  20. Hi, I'm trying to output an image description with 2 lines, and have been able to get Markdown to do this on the output, however the Markdown formatter is adding a paragraph tag... is there some other good way to output an image description with a line break? thanks, -marc
  21. very nice site... if you want to try it yourself, here is one idea: in PW, create 2 fields for the homepage template, 1 for the image and 1 for the link (then upload your image and select the page for the link) then add a div to the homepage template (maybe with id of "homepage-box") with the basic markup, and echo the fields from PW; in the css, get the div to position where you want it, size, placement etc.., then set it to display:none in the css then use jquery delay and optionally fade in to get it to appear when needed; this might be a start: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $('#homepage-box').delay(9000).fadeIn(1500); }); </script>
  22. Hey- thanks again to everyone for checking this out and liking it etc.. I really appreciate it. I have some projects in the workds that will likely be using PW, so i'll be posting more in the showcase... Processwire has a great community, and I'm really psyched to have chosen it as my primary CMS. Cheers, Marc
  23. thanks for looking! - i have it setup to pull the images from Amazon, so that in the backend you only enter an ASIN #, and then the template forms the image URL from that; it's working here, and i've seen it once in a while not get all of the images from Amazon, if maybe the server is slow.... maybe there is a better way to do it, i.e. have PW actually retrieve the amazon image into the local filesystem - i've seem some talk about that somewhere here on the forum... @apeisa - thanks for checking it out on a mobile - i've only been previewing it with chrome in various viewport widths.. @Martijn - thanks also for checking out this site... and very glad to be crediting processwire and not some other CMS's that i now dread..PW really is pure fun. -marc
  24. First pw site... http://www.stokar.com/ composer's management agency. Processwire was great for this!; took on every challenge and request the client had with ease. Thanks to Ryan, and to everyone on the forum - it was an essential resource for working out all of the code to make this site work. -marc
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