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  1. I am going to have to try to explain how to do one of those things (prob Skype), seeing as whatever the issue is, it doesn't seem to be anything simple/self-explanatory. nickie, thanks for your ideas. That is an extremely generous answer and I shall have to pick it apart a little later on after I've had my morning coffee. I have not yet had cause to open up any /wire/ files (after probably 10 processwire projects), so this will be a new frontier for me. I'll try it locally first and then if everything still works I'll make the changes to the live site. I'll report back with more info, hopefully.
  2. I have a client who has a veeeeeery limited knowledge of computers. I built a site for her (annachobor.com) and a cms (with Processwire, obviously) and gave her detailed directions on how to update her content. There are several sub-pages under her /services/ page (and then some sub-sub-pages beneath those). She has brought it to my attention that she cannot see those sub-pages at all in the page tree on the dashboard. She clicks on "Services" and nothing shows up underneath it. However, due to her knowing very little about computers, she can't take a screenshot for me (and she's across the country, so I can't visit). So far I have had her try a different browser, but she has the same result in Chrome and Internet Explorer. She is on windows 8, I believe. I also had her check both her browsers at this site: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/is-javascript-enabled to make sure her Javascript was enabled. She gets "yes" for both browsers. Has anyone come across this issue before? I very much doubt it's a processwire issue, but I find you all so helpful that I was hoping someone might have some insight into it. If I can at least figure out what's causing it, I can send her off to someone locally who she can explain the issue to, and hopefully they can fix it for her. Thank you!
  3. You rock! My preference is to have all traffic go to the non-www URL, so I've taken the custom rule I added at the end and moved it to the section you pointed out in your response: Now I guess I'll just keep watching it to see if the ugly URLs start to dwindle. Many many thanks!
  4. Thanks for the speedy response! I have made a few changes to my htaccess. Last year, Analytics was telling me I had redundant hostnames so I added a bit at the end of my htaccess file that I found somewhere, and that seemed to resolve the issue. However, now I'm seeing a very definite correlation between when Analytics says the redundant hostnames issue was resolved, and when the traffic to the index.php?it= pages started happening! There was a big spike in traffic to those URLs starting around 11/22/14 (and lasting a few weeks) and then again around 2/21/15 (and still on-going). Google Analytics detected redundant hostnames had been resolved on 11/25/14 and again on 2/24/15. Definitely seems like a correlation there. I'm pretty sure I added the extra bit to the htaccess at one of those two times, but can't be sure which. Here's the bit I added to htaccess (I wish I'd noted where I'd stolen it from, but alas I didn't): RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.+) [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*) http://%1/$1 [R=301,NE,L] I included it right after this: ################################################################################################# # END PROCESSWIRE HTACCESS DIRECTIVES ################################################################################################# This would seem to be the likely culprit, I would imagine, right? There weren't any errors in the PW logs about those URLs, and... I'm not sure where to find my Apache logs! In the meantime, I've also created <link rel='canonical' href='domain.com/path/to/url' /> tags in my headers so hopefully the search engines start weeding out those ugly URLs.
  5. I was looking over my Analytics data for my site the other day, and I noticed some of the pages people are landing on have a strange relative url that's not part of my url scheme. Site: http://thesharktankproducts.com Example url: thesharktankproducts.com/categories/food Weird url showing up in Google analytics: thesharktankproducts.com/index.php?it=categories/food Both urls are showing up in Analytics, so it's not a question of the correct one not showing up. I have deduced that almost all the traffic to these weird urls is coming from Yahoo and Bing, so it may be something I need to fix with them. But, still, it's weird that this url A) works and B) somehow got into the search page results at Yahoo and Bing. Has anyone seen this before? Should I set Redirects for the pages this is happening on? Is there another way inside PW to fix this? Thanks!
  6. Thanks again, Adrian! I really appreciate your help. I don't see my Apache conf file in the directory structure, and the knowledgebase has no answers on where it might be, so maybe it is hidden. Is it possible to set that up in the .htaccess file for the site? Or will it only work in the apache conf file? If anyone else would like to chime in, I'd like to hear your opinions. As far as security, it's not like I'm building a site for Time Warner or something, and there's nothing that needs to particularly be protected on the site, but I'd rather err on the side of caution. Thanks again!
  7. OK, it WAS allow_url_fopen! That was the problem - my hosting provider didn't have it enabled. I have added "allow_url_fopen = 1" to my php.ini file. However, my host is MediaTemple Grid Service and they recommend only using that as a temporary fix. Is it particularly dangerous to leave it in the php.ini file, though? Should I ask them about it? (Yeah, probably, but I just think this forum is SO much more helpful than your typical support technician.) In addition to the module downloader now working correctly, it has also fixed the problem I was having with Pixlr (here). So now the question is - should I leave that line in my php.ini file, or is there some other way of enabling allow_url_fopen? Thanks so much for your help!
  8. My permissions for Modules are 755, which I set to recurse through all subfiles and subfolders. Is that correct? I also tried it with 777, but neither setting seemed to work. Where can I find some help on what the permissions should be set to? I changed my config.php to set Debug on, but I'm not sure where to find the error log. I opened up assets/logs/errors.txt but that didn't have anything from today in it - only older errors. I recently posted in the Pixlr module forum about an issue with Pixlr not saving my edited images correctly (which Adrian, you responded too - thanks!) - I wonder if the issues are related.
  9. Greetings - I'm having an issue when I try to use the Modules admin page to download a new module to my PW installation. It was working on my localhost installation, but now that I'm on a production server what happens is: I navigate to Modules->New I find the ModuleClassName from the Module info page and put it into the input box Click "Download and Install" I get a warning prompt in red saying "Ensure that you trust the source of the ZIP file above before continuing!" I click "Download and Install" again And then a green bar and a red bar appear at the top of the screen...The green bar says "Download cancelled" The red bar says "File could not be downloaded: https://github.com/jdart/ElasticSearchProcessWire/archive/master.zip" Nothing gets added to my Modules folder or downloaded. Has anyone come across this issue who can provide some suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks!
  10. I've been playing around with it a little more today and am still not having any joy. I did try uninstalling CustomUploadNames, but it still didn't work (and it is version 0.3.4, which looks to be the most recent version). I was pretty sure it wasn't that module, though, because I didn't have it activated on the gallery template I was trying to use Pixlr on - it was only activated on the blog post template. But it was worth a shot! Going back and forth between my admin and my Filezilla (FTP program), here's what I've discovered: After I upload an image to the page and save that page, I can see the image in the assets/files/1006 folder, along with a "thumbnail" version with ".0x100.jpg" tacked on to the end of the filename. I can also see the image on the page where I published it to. After I try to edit it in Pixlr and I get the "broken image link" icon, the thumbnail version disappears from my files. The image also becomes broken on the page it was published to. So even though that file actually still exists in the site files, it still will show as broken. It's extremely puzzling to me - especially the last part, that the image still exists with the same filename, but will not display on the page. Any other suggestions?
  11. Having a bit of trouble with this module. I'm using the Express version on PW 2.4. The interface loads beautifully, and allows me to do all the neat little edits, but when I click Save, the image goes blank and I get a broken image icon. The image also disappears from the page. Looking at my assets->files folder, it looks like the image got renamed from "anthony-scarzafava-painter-01.jpg" to "anthony-scarzafava-painter-01-1.jpg" Is that what's supposed to happen? Other modules I have installed: Modesta admin theme AIOM+ (All In One Minify) for CSS, LESS, JS and HTML Range Slider Integer Range Slider jQuery DataTables Plugin Markup Sitemap XML Page Edit Field Permission Custom Upload Names Link to the development site (if it's useful): http://anthonyscarzafava.com/new-site/ I'm wondering if it's a problem with my server setup. I don't see any particular requirements listed on the Module Page, though. I'm on Media Temple's Grid-Service running PHP 5.5.6 CGI. I also have Cloudflare activated. Not sure if any of these tidbits are useful, but I'm trying to be as thorough as possible. Any help greatly appreciated as this is such a stunning module and I'd love to get it working!
  12. Thanks so much, Adrian. I ended up temporarily adjusting the max_execution_time through the .htaccess file and then deleting that line after it was done. Was that an ok thing to do in your opinion? I saw it on StackOverflow before I saw your answer. Anyway, it got me through that operation.
  13. (I get to answer my own question!) The issue seems to be the version of PHP my host was using. I was literally just playing around with settings and seeing what happened (real smart, I know, but the site's not live and I have a back-up ) I changed the PHP version from 5.3.27 FastCGI to 5.5.6 CGI (Latest) and... voila! The admin area is displaying as it should.
  14. I'm not sure if it's really that the CSS isn't loading, but that's what it looks like. I'm moving over to a new hosting service and testing my site, and (amongst other problems), you can see in the attached screenshot that the admin pages are displaying as just plain pages with no styling. I've tried disabling the admin theme to see if that's the issue, but no luck. Additionally, after some reloads of the page, sometimes the page will go blank entirely, OR will render correctly. It could be an issue with the hosting company (Mediatemple (GS)) but I wanted to put it up here and see if anyone has any experience with this. I briefly searched the forums here, but wasn't exactly sure what issue to search for, so if there's already a thread about this just point me in the right direction. Thanks!
  15. Hi! Having a bit of trouble with this module on a particularly large site. I'm running into the following error after the database is successfully exported: Any thoughts on how I can increase the Maximum execution time on the module? Thanks!
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