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Admin pages displaying with no CSS?


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I'm not sure if it's really that the CSS isn't loading, but that's what it looks like. 

I'm moving over to a new hosting service and testing my site, and (amongst other problems), you can see in the attached screenshot that the admin pages are displaying as just plain pages with no styling.

I've tried disabling the admin theme to see if that's the issue, but no luck.

Additionally, after some reloads of the page, sometimes the page will go blank entirely, OR will render correctly. It could be an issue with the hosting company (Mediatemple (GS)) but I wanted to put it up here and see if anyone has any experience with this.

I briefly searched the forums here, but wasn't exactly sure what issue to search for, so if there's already a thread about this just point me in the right direction. Thanks!


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(I get to answer my own question!)

The issue seems to be the version of PHP my host was using. I was literally just playing around with settings and seeing what happened (real smart, I know, but the site's not live and I have a back-up ;) )

I changed the PHP version from 5.3.27 FastCGI to 5.5.6 CGI (Latest) and... voila! The admin area is displaying as it should.

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