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  1. The most recent update to this module seems to have resolved this issue - working great again!
  2. Does / could this work with arrays at all? I've got a template that has a repeater with a page select of the days in a week and sometimes multiple days are selected - can I use this to display just the first title of an array? Right now I'm seeing it return "Array, {other field name}" and ideally it would show "Monday, {other field name}" if all days are checked.
  3. What's the best way to adjust the title tag display? For just about every client I have using PW, the page title they're editing is much more relevant to see in the tab title than their site's domain since it's the only site they'd ever be editing.
  4. I've noticed that many - if not all - of the module pages seem to have a "last updated" timestamp within the last day or two no matter when I visit. Is this a bug?
  5. I completely agree. My goal on this project is to be able to just show something like "Open until 2pm" depending on the day. So I'm trying to find a way where I can query all business hours and give a list of which are open right now. I'm thinking the page select idea might be the way to go here. Maybe a repeater with all days of the week as checkboxes and then pair that with the open and close hours. That way you can just add as many repeaters as there are different open / close hours. Does this sound like a good direction to head so that everything is query-able?
  6. How have you all dealt with gathering business hours / blocks of time? I'm looking to visually show whether a business is open or closed and I can't seem to think of a straightforward way of setting up fields to get this info, especially since some business have different hours on different days while others are open at the same time daily.
  7. This is a completely fresh install of PW. And no, there is no max width set. 400 isn't a fixed value - it changes the crop based on window size.
  8. Here's what I'm doing: On a fresh install of PW, I'm starting a new post on the basic-page template with a browser size of about 600px wide. I upload a picture more than 1000x1000px and click insert image in TinyMCE. I select the image and go straight to clicking insert to post. The image that is inserted is scaled to fit the size of the editor but when I click Publish, the image that is uploaded and embedded is <img src="/site/assets/files/1007/cover.400x0.jpg">. From what it looks, it is creating a cropped copy by default.
  9. I'm inserting some images into a rich text editor and, by default, PW is inserting cropped images based on the size of my browser window. If I insert a picture smaller than my browser window, it gets uploaded at full resolution, but if it's bigger, the cropped image is used. Is this by design? If so, how can I turn it off so that full size images are uploaded by default? PS I've checked "Skip width and height attributes on image tags" in the 'Page Edit Image' module and it hasn't helped - but I think that's unrelated anyway. Thanks!
  10. Actually I think this is exactly what I was looking for. Hat tip to diogo and adamkiss. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/textformatter-image-tags/
  11. Thanks for the tips guys. This Hanna code looks interesting...
  12. Is there a way to use the ProcessWire API to insert images into the text of a Markdown field? Something kind of like this: <?php $image1 = $page->image->url; ?> ![This is my image](<?=image1?>) The end goal here is to be able to write posts in a Markdown-like way but have ProcessWire handle all of the image paths and ordering.
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