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  1. That's where a good IDE is a big help. Whenever you rename stuff (files or variables etc.) it cleans up for you and searches for usages everywhere in your project.
  2. There are coding guidelines for the core, but not specifically for filenaming (apart from modules, maybe). Yes.
  3. What do you mean? 😕 If you only have this: instead of Then of course you'll get much more results. Omit the limit parameter to really see how many results you'd get. But in any case, it's not logical that you get ALL properties listed (e.g. even property types 1 or 3). Care to explain a bit better?
  4. Not even in their spam folder? Try to send an automated email to yourself, then compare the mail headers (manual vs. automated). Perhaps you'll spot a difference there (maybe automated mails are lacking SPF records).
  5. How are you using it? Maybe try with output formatting set to false?
  6. Direct upload in the frontend via drag-and-drop never worked for me, and afaik it's not supposed to work (same as copy and paste an image, which works in BE, but not FE).
  7. What the f*ck JavaScript? A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples Some really odd stuff there... worth scanning through. I chuckled more than once... "b" + "a" + +"a" + "a"; // -> 'baNaNa' NaN === NaN; // -> false (![] + [])[+[]] + (![] + [])[+!+[]] + ([![]] + [][[]])[+!+[] + [+[]]] + (![] + [])[!+[] + !+[]]; // -> 'fail' typeof NaN; // -> 'number' (It ain't new, so sorry if this has been posted previously here)
  8. define "bloat". In your CSS or HTML? Because this surely looks ugly to me: <a href="#" class="no-underline text-black flex items-center cursor-pointer font-mono bg-blue-grey-50 block p-1 pl-2 rounded-tl rounded-tr border border-blue-100 border-b"><span class="inline-block text-lg font-bold mr-1 text-grey-800"> ^ straight from the Tailwind cheatsheet source code. If this isn't bloat, I don't know what is.
  9. it's probably because add() just adds, it doesn't save().
  10. After digging through several PW forum threads, I think the following approach might work: Create each of the 200 pages via API as the user it will be later assigned to (or create as superuser, and later change the owner) Install this module
  11. A neat new Github feature: https://help.github.com/en/articles/navigating-code-on-github And while I'm at it: If you're frequently navigating through GH repos, I can highly recommend this browser add-on: https://www.octotree.io/
  12. In that case, I guess you'd have to look into using hooks. But digging deeper into @adrian's module description linked before, it seems there's an option that will do just what you are looking for: I have never used this myself, so I guess you should simply try it out and see if it works for you...
  13. Interesting related stuff here: And here's a module: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-custom-upload-names/ But I'm not sure if you really mean "change after renaming" or "use a custom formatter after uploading". Should the description automatically be generated from the filename, or vice versa?
  14. What is Page::statusIncomplete? Never saw this before...
  15. @strandoo Do you have a live example? Most likely the modal is closed with JS. A quick look at Ryan's module tells me there's just the .module file without any JS. Probably the data-dismiss="modal" is triggered somewhere after submit...
  16. @sebr 1) Apparently there is no built-in function in Leaflet to "de-cluster" a map. https://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/152128/leaflet-markercluster-cluster-uncluster-toggle https://github.com/Leaflet/Leaflet.markercluster/issues/393
  17. Well, at this point, I think it would be time to move this forum thread to the Lister Pro support thread. Maybe a forum-admin can move it there? @sebastiaan (to me at least) it's hard to pin down the error source. But maybe @ryan has a clue about what's going on here, and can help you isolate the two JS errors. All I know is that there were major changes with the bookmarking feature recently. And I guess you should take a look at the form control mentioned in the second JS error. Does it appear everywhere, or just in your custom actions?
  18. What about JS errors in the browser console?
  19. Using CTRL + SHIFT + V instead of just CTRL + V (on Windows), you can still paste the content and CKEditor will recognize basic stylings such as line-breaks and bold/italic, lists etc. without all the extra MS-Word proprietary stuff that @bernhard mentioned. That is intentional, since MS-Office documents and your website don't use the same styling, and you really don't want to end up with strange-looking parts in your website because of such author actions.
  20. @Sergio Why are you using anchors for the FAQ headings? Is it supposed to be used as toggle / show-hide? Because if yes, then that is not working as intended. Everything is visible, and you can't toggle anything (at least not with Chrome).
  21. Maybe write a hook for FB, and inside that hook you pass the output to your sales module? Just remember to use wire('modules') instead of $modules... When you say "function", do you mean your own custom PW module, or just a function in your template(s) ?
  22. According to https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ServiceCurrencyConversion/blob/master/ServiceCurrencyConversion.module#L187 you should be able to edit currencies.txt (untested).
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